Joe Brookover

For her final project, third-year Eleanor Birle presented “Milkweed,” created during the studio’s “3-D Metropolis: Mapping Spatial Operations,” in which each student chose a different seed pod and analyzed its possible influence on a building in downtown Baltimore. Says Birle, “I focused on how the given site could operate as a new ground plane to disperse seeds that germinate through the wind, using the many vacant lots in the downtown area as targets for dispersal.” Photo: Rae Swain

In studio: A look at last semester’s review at UVA’s School of Architecture

Previously in this column, we’ve explored a graduate student’s perspective on architecture’s trajectory—one that leverages architects’ unique skill sets to address, through the built environment, uncertainties facing society today. This semester at UVA engaged this topic directly through school-wide discussions facilitated by the biennial Woltz Symposium and design courses. The Woltz Symposium, a two-day event […]