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Ramp up your productivity

Ramp up your productivity

Have you ever been presented with new technology that professes to make your work-life easier to manage and more productive, and then thought to yourself, “Nah, I’m good?” You may want to reconsider. If you’re having trouble keeping track of your time and productivity levels, one of these apps could help. Here’s a rundown of […]

Photo Courtesy of Steve Trumbull / CVILLEIMAGES.COM

47 Years of Spudnuts

THEN: Spudnut Coffee Shop, opened 1969; closed December 2016. NOW: Quality Pie, opened July 2018. It’s fair to say Spudnut Coffee Shop, formerly located at 309 Avon St. in Belmont, was a C’ville institution. And when the owners announced its closure in late 2016, it was a sad day for potato flour donut lovers everywhere. […]

Photo Courtesy of Conscious Capitalist Group Foundation

Leaving the ladder down: New nonprofit reaches youth through social entrepreneurship

Many organizations—for-profit and not-for-profit—get their start out of a desire to seize a market opportunity or fulfill an unmet need. Similarly, the Charlottesville-based Conscious Capitalist Group Foundation launched because no other organization was providing what it does—entrepreneurship, community engagement, and career readiness training that young people need to not only prosper in life and work, […]

Photo: Courtesy of Steve Trumbull, whose third book of historic C'ville photography, "Vintage Charlottesville," comes out late 2019. /

Backstory: Leggett’s lives on

THEN: Leggett’s, opened in 1939 // NOW: Violet Crown, opened in 2015 “Quality merchandise. Popular prices.” So went a 1954 ad slogan for Leggett’s, a department store well-known in Charlottesville—and throughout the Mid-Atlantic—for its mid-priced fashions and homewares. Leggett’s, then a privately-owned retail business, opened its first store in downtown Lynchburg in 1927. It arrived […]

#selfcare. Corporate America-style

#selfcare. Corporate America-style

You see it splashed across social media— #selfcare. It’s one of the hottest buzzwords in wellness. (The hashtag appears more than 21 million times on Instagram.) Hashtags for #corporatewellness or #workplacewellness aren’t as sexy, but don’t let that mislead you. Corporate America has been in the self-care game for years. Whatever moniker you want to […]

In your ear: Biz podcasts help listeners level up

In your ear: Biz podcasts help listeners level up

There is a podcast for just about any aspect of business life you can imagine–#entrepreneurlife, #bossbabelife, #contentmarketerlife–you name it. So. Many. Choices. But you have to start somewhere, and so we did. If you are looking for inspiration to help you grow as an entrepreneur, tips to introduce more work-life balance into your world, or […]

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Five-and-dime nostalgia

THEN: Woolworth’s, opened in 1965 (originally 1924); closed in 1997 / NOW: Caspari, opened in 2005 “Your Money’s Worth More at a Woolworth’s Store” was one of the ad slogans of the beloved discount department store, a downtown C’ville fixture for 73 years. Woolworth’s first opened downtown in 1924 on Main Street, and in 1965 […]

Kelli Palmer heads global diversity & equity for the CFA Institute, which has published a diversity and inclusion guide for the investment management industry. Photo: Amy and Jackson Smith

Making space: Using diversity and inclusion programs to build a better workplace

As the U.S. population grows less homogeneous, organizations are increasingly seizing on opportunities to incorporate diversity and inclusion programs and policies—or in abbreviated corporate parlance, “D&I”—into their workplace cultures. Diversity covers the spectrum of human differences, including age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexuality, language, national origin, and socio-economic status. Inclusion refers to a culture […]

James Barton of Studio IX and Vault Virginia says coworking spaces help fulfill the needs of the modern worker. Photo: Stephen Barling

The future of work: Shared spaces abound in C’ville

Throughout modern history, certain movements have changed how we work—the Industrial Revolution, the birth of the personal computer, and more recently, the arrival of social media. These transformations have also changed where we work (and even when we want to work). Are you an anti-9-to-5-er who likes working for yourself? An entrepreneur who isn’t ready […]

Jessica Norby, Destinee Wright, and Ahmad Hawkins.

Follow and engage: Charlottesville’s social media business influencers

The world of social media marketing—particularly Instagram—is increasingly dominated by influencers, individuals who have amassed a sizable social media following, who’ve gained their audience’s trust, and who can sway consumers’ purchases—or even what they think. Yet many businesses today—and the strategists behind them—are becoming influencers in their own right, with the power to move products, […]

Backstory: Drugstore Golden Age

Backstory: Drugstore Golden Age

In spring 1970, Charlottesville’s Main Street was an idyllic backdrop for the pomp of the Dogwood Parade. Pedestrians lined the street to watch the yearly community tradition in the month of April, while behind them, business carried on inside Wise Discount Center (pictured here, from the book Charlottesville Then & Now by Steve Trumbull).   […]