Initial afterthoughts

When I began this blog in its current form, a couple weeks after my coverage of the Democratic National Convention, I half expected it to be an exercise in masochism. McCain and Palin were riding high in the polls following her hard-edged acceptance speech at the RNC.

Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup

I am sorry to report that I have not yet received my McCain robocall informing me of Obama’s terrorist-lovin’ ways. In the leadup to the Virginia primary several months ago, Mr. McCain contacted me twice, robotically, to tell me that he is a proud Republican in the mold of Ronald Reagan (heavy emphasis on the mold).

McCain’s Woman Problem

A lot of people, myself included, were taken aback by McCain’s mockery of concern for the “health of the mother” as an “extreme pro-abortion position” in the debate the other night. But if McCain’s actual record on reproductive rights were more widely discussed in this election, his comment might not have come as such a big surprise.

Like a Cornered Animal

At a panel on election cartooning this past weekend, a member of the audience asked whether we’d be at a loss for material if Obama wins. He corrected himself: “Or I should say, when Obama wins.”

Biden Owned It

I am troubled by the suggestion that because Palin did not have a truly spectacular brain-fart moment, that means she somehow “held her own.” She did not hold a candle to Biden.

Pre-Veep Debate Musings

I’ll be watching the Vice Presidential debate in the company of cartoonists and cartoon fans in Bethesda, MD, where I’ll be for the annual Small Press Expo. Should be an entertaining, if gut-wrenching evening.