Joe Bargmann

At the shop down on Cherry Street, you’ll find more popsicle flavors than you can shake a stick at. Photo: Morgan Salyer

Pop star: La Flor Michoacana knows icy goodness

Some of us, when we were younger, marveled at Baskin-Robbins’ “original 31 flavors.” It seemed impossible (31 flavors!) but also confirmed that summer—ice-cream season—was the best season of all. In Charlottesville, that reassurance comes from the popsicles at La Flor Michoacana. Like Baskin-Robbins, Michoacana boggles the mind with its variety—47 flavors, by informal count. The […]

Hunter Smith, founder of Champion Brewing Company, is growing and diversifying his role in the local food and drinks industry. Photo: Eze Amos

The ubiquitous Mr. Smith: You can’t swing a growler in this city without hitting Hunter Smith

On a rainy night in early April, I joined a handful of other food-and-drink journalists in the glass-walled pavilion at Afton Mountain Vineyards to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tony and Elizabeth Smith’s ownership of the winery. About a minute into my conversation with Elizabeth during pre-dinner winetasting, I had a smacks-forehead-with-palm moment when she […]

Osheim’s aesthetic reflects mid-century modern style and her Scandinavian roots. Photo: Christina Osheim

Form and color: Christina Osheim’s sublime ceramics

Christina Osheim distills a wealth of fine arts education and diverse influences into her ceramics. She studied at Minnesota’s St. Olaf College, the Rhode Island School of Design, and the Cranbrook Academy of Art before establishing her Charlottesville studio, Möbius Keramikk, at 1740 Broadway St. Her wheel-thrown objects (cups and tumblers) and items with stenciled […]

While there are many things to recommend this dwelling, the third floor trumps them all. Perched high like an osprey’s nest, the room is the inverse of a man cave. Photo: John Hancock Productions

Roof with a view: Well, it’s actually the third floor, but outside the glass doors the scene is all sky and mountains

An interesting housing experiment called Lochlyn Hill is taking shape about two miles east of the Downtown Mall, on the Charlottesville-Albemarle line by Pen Park. Five custom builders currently have a stake in the development, which the promotional material is careful to describe as a neighborhood or community. The architectural portfolio includes country-style homes with […]

The beauty of the James River, here partially shrouded in fog, is matched only by its storied past. Photo: Robert Llewellyn

The View: River of history

Upon finding the source of the Jackson River, parent to the James River, Earl Swift writes in Journey on the James: Three Weeks through the Heart of Virginia: “From this trickle grows a river that offered sustenance to Indian and early colonist, carried pioneers to new lands of the West, bloomed red with the blood […]

The winery’s namesake tree stands among the vineyards. Photo: Courtesy Wisdom Oak Winery

Spotlight: Wisdom Oak Winery

Jason Lavallee would like to thank everyone for being so nice. It’s not what a guy expects when he parachutes into town and opens a winery with his wife, and they’re total newbies to the industry, and he starts knocking on doors and asking established winemakers a lot of questions. “I was pretty open, like, […]