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Collage artist Terri Long (“Burned Heath Abstract” pictured) will contribute to The Bridge’s inaugural CSA. “We’ve been talking about other ideas about what we could do with these shares,” said Matthew Slaats. “I’ve asked the library, ‘what would it mean to give two of these shares to the library, and we could figure out a way that people could check them out?’”

Community Supported Art shares come to Charlottesville

For years, people around the country have been participating in Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), programs where locavores and the green-minded can subscribe to weekly shares of local produce. Now The Bridge PAI is launching its own CSA: Community Supported Art. “You already eat local; it’s about time you ART local!” is the slogan. The program […]

Co-founder Tevyn East enjoys the artistic tension that the Carnival de Resistance creates.“The reality is, that the show will probably be too pagan for the Christians and too Christian for the pagans, so that will be interesting to see,” she said.

An alternative carnival pairs faith, arts, and activism

For two weekends beginning September 28, a traveling fair entitled the Carnival de Resistance will visit Charlottesville and set up a mobile village in the parking lot of the Sojourners United Church of Christ on Elliott Avenue. The carnival theme is centered on four performances featuring earth, air, water, or fire, and combines dance, music, […]

Light House Studios fundraiser showcases films by local youth

Light House Studios fundraiser showcases films by local youth

Light House Studios, the award-winning program of filmmaking workshops for local youth, will present its 12th annual screening of student work on Friday, September 13th at the Jefferson Theater. “This year we have more narrative films than usual, including an FX-heavy Sci-Fi adventure called Space Girl.” said Light House program director Jason Robinson. The program […]

Magik Markers are ready to repeat the magic after the reverberating buzz from the band’s
last performance. Publicity image.

Anticipation builds for Magik Markers return to town

Magik Markers is one of America’s finest contemporary noise rock bands and its greatest asset is frontwoman Elisa Ambrogio. Her commanding and hypnotic vocals recall Sonic Youth’s primary songwriters combined, which can range from sweetly mysterious Patti Smith-esque poetic declarations to cathartic, frightening moments of unhinged aggression. Ambrogio’s raw, wild playing suggests a constant push-pull […]

Daylighting underground waterways through urban redevelopment is a topic in the Lost Rivers documentary screening at The Bridge.

Lost Rivers connects art to community at The Bridge

“If you go to the parking lot of the Ix building, you can hear the creek under you,” said Matthew Slaats. “It sounds like someone’s left their water running, but there’s actually a creek right there. There’s a ton of other underground creek spaces throughout the city. It’s something you never think about.” Slaats is referring […]

Jamie Dyer is a much loved, longtime staple on the local scene. Image: Wikimedia Commons

ARTS Pick: Jamie Dyer, Dan Sebring, Cathy Monnes

Jamie Dyer is an unavoidable figure in Charlottesville music; a prolific musician and man-about-town, an animated conversationalist and renaissance man beloved by many for his long tenure as the sole consistent member of long-running rock-flavored bluegrass band the Hogwaller Ramblers. He’s often found at the Blue Moon Diner, but once a month he can be found performing […]

The Rocketeer received two thumbs up from Siskel & Ebert when it premiered in 1991. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: The Rocketeer

The record-breaking success of 1989’s Batman green-lit a wave big-budget retro-adventure films, including the outlandish, neon ensemble piece Dick Tracy; the brash, moody grotesquerie of The Shadow; and the feather-light, straight-faced camp of latecoming entry The Phantom. Nestled amongst them is 1991’s The Rocketeer; though it was considered a modest disappointment upon release (Disney thought […]

LOOK3 Pick: Nick Nichols

LOOK3 Pick: Nick Nichols

Michael “Nick” Nichols’ years of work for National Geographic have taken him around the globe, providing an up-close look at some of the few corners of the world that remain untouched by human civilization. His recent work in the Serengeti uses state-of-the-art advances in photo technology to investigate lions, documenting their world and their behaviors […]

© Martha Rosler. Cellular.

LOOK3 Pick: Martha Rosler

Though Photoshopping and digital retouching have become common practices in both journalistic and creative photography, Martha Rosler’s recent work foregrounds the process, creating deliberately artificial digital collages that create jarring juxtapositions of familiar imagery. Her 1960’s collages combined imagery from the Vietnam War with domestic images from advertising, and her recent work continues that same theme, […]