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Culpeper Supervisor Jack Frazier voted against the pump-and-haul permit for the Islamic Center of Culpeper's mosque.
Photo Hawes Spencer

Update: Culpeper mosque case headed to mediation

Following a March 22 hearing in U.S. District Court, the County of Culpeper and the U.S. Department of Justice agreed to mediation in the suit the DOJ filed alleging county discrimination against the Islamic Center of Culpeper when it requested a sewage permit for a mosque that was normally granted to churches. The Islamic Center, which […]

Day 11: Wenner defiant, Eramo rests in Rolling Stone trial

Day 11: Wenner defiant, Eramo rests in Rolling Stone trial

After 11 days of evidence, plaintiff Nicole Eramo rested her case against Rolling Stone October 28– but not before testimony from magazine founder Jann Wenner raised stakes and eyebrows in this $7.5 million libel case. “We have never retracted the whole article– and don’t intend to,” declared the magazine owner in a videotaped deposition played for the […]

Day 10: Rolling Stone’s remorse in defamation trial

Day 10: Rolling Stone’s remorse in defamation trial

The final Thursday witness for the plaintiff in the $7.5 million libel trial against Rolling Stone was Sara Surface. A friend to Jackie, Surface seemed to have a purpose in alleging that reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely had prejudged plaintiff Nicole Eramo. “She disregarded me because I didn’t fit the narrative,” said Surface. An email released […]

Day 4: Erdely gives scarring testimony

Day 4: Erdely gives scarring testimony

“I found her to be very credible,” said the reporter on the podcast. “I put her story through the wringer.” This audio about “Jackie,” the now-discredited protagonist of a once-blockbuster magazine article was played for jurors, as the plaintiff’s attorney tried to crush the credibility of reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely on Day Four of the […]

Kurt Kroboth found his name “inconvenient and embarrassing,” he said on a name 
change application. Photo courtesy of the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail

Oscar M. Glass: OMG—Kurt Kroboth gets a new name

Kurt Kroboth, a convicted would-be wife killer who was bothered by lingering notoriety over his Albemarle crimes, has convinced a California judge to change his identity. Following a hearing in early May, the Superior Court of Contra Costa County entered a decree giving Kroboth a new name: Oscar Michel Glass. “Only on the left coast,” […]

The copper-topped Rotunda is getting a paint job. Photo: Laura Wagner

UVA spending $450K to give Rotunda that ’70s look

The Rotunda is the central structure of University of Virginia’s present and past. It’s a neoclassical architectural masterpiece designed by the founder, Thomas Jefferson, that has become so revered that the UN named it a World Heritage Site. And now, as part of a $52-million renovation, it’s getting a rooftop paint job costing over $450,000. […]

The fight to save Sweet Briar College in Amherst heads to the Virginia Supreme Court on Thursday, June 4. Photo by Norm Shafer

Judge denies effort to block Sweet Briar closure

Activists seeking to keep Sweet Briar College open had their hopes dashed yesterday when a Bedford County judge denied a motion to kick out the school’s governing board and permanently block a plan to shutter the women’s college. After a contentious morning in court that saw emotional witness statements, the crowd thinned slightly from around […]