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Chips ahoy: The right way to mulch your beds this fall

Chips ahoy: The right way to mulch your beds this fall

You probably already know why it’s a good idea to spread mulch on your beds: In addition to keeping them tidy and helping to minimize weeds, a quality mulch also protects and feeds your soil. But notice I said “quality.” The uniform orange or deep-brown mulches often seen decorating the grounds of gas stations and […]

Local fruit trees make great gifts for the gardeners in your life—and winter is the perfect time to plant them. File photo.

Gifts for green thumbs

Gardeners can be a fussy and opinionated lot, which makes them hard to shop for. As Christmas approaches, here are some gift ideas for the gardener in your life. Fruit trees. Winter is the best time to plant fruit trees. Because the trees are dormant, their chances of survival and getting well established increase dramatically. […]

Spring greens can have a second coming in the autumn with some careful planning. File photo.

Green Scene: The forward-thinking garden

Even though summer temperatures have finally climbed to average and above-average highs, it’s definitely time to think about what to plant for the lovely fall growing season. If you haven’t planted a fall garden before, let me review why it’s awesome: Cooler temperatures support the growth of our favorite spring veggies, so if you didn’t […]