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Partygoers line up to enter a UVA fraternity house on Saturday, January 31. Photo: Rammelkamp Foto

UVA sorority sister: Why I quit

Last week UVA’s Greeks showed up on the national news once again, this time thanks to a decision by sorority leaders to ground their UVA chapters on Boys’ Bid Night, a men’s pledging celebration and one of the biggest party nights of the year. The mandate infuriated sorority members at the University. Simmering discontent over […]

Holdout fraternities sign new rules agreement with UVA

Holdout fraternities sign new rules agreement with UVA

The two UVA fraternity chapters whose national organizations issued statements earlier this week saying they wouldn’t sign a new rules agreement with the University have capitulated, according to a recent news release. UVA’s Kappa Alpha Order and Alpha Tau Omega fraternities have signed a new Fraternal Order Agreement, or FOA, which defines the frats’ relationship with the […]

Three men and UVA graduates from the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity are now suing Rolling Stone. Photo: Martyn Kyle

UVA reinstates Phi Kappa Psi after police find no basis for claim of rape at frat

The Virginia Alpha Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity has been reinstated at UVA after Charlottesville police indicated an investigation “has not revealed any substantive basis” to confirm allegations of a gang rape at the fraternity in 2012, according to a Monday announcement from University President Teresa Sullivan. The fraternity voluntarily rescinded its Fraternal Order […]

The proposed route of Dominion Resource's natural gas pipeline through Nelson County. Image courtesy Dominion

Landowners respond to Dominion pipeline survey lawsuits

This updated and expanded story includes reporting from a previous, shorter piece on Dominion’s pipeline lawsuits posted late last month. This week, courts in Nelson and Augusta counties are expected to start delivering Dominion Resource’s Christmas present to landowners there: the first of dozens of lawsuits, announced last month, against holdout residents who since May […]

Dominion has submitted details of an alternative route for its Atlantic Coast Pipeline (in red), but officials have made it clear that they intend to stick to an eastern route (in blue), which cuts through Nelson County. Image courtesy Dominion

As Dominion makes the case for its pipeline to feds, locals say they’ll keep fighting it

Dominion’s plans for a 550-mile natural gas pipeline through Virginia are marching ahead, and with the release of the company’s first reports to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), anti-pipeline activists in Nelson County are finding more reasons to rally opposition to the multi-billion-dollar project. The federal approval process requires companies to file a dozen […]