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The Shelton family farm in North Garden is home to approximately 250 varieties of apples, many of them Virginia heirlooms from past centuries. The farm orchard is one of 13 host farms for this year's Meet Yer Eats Farm Tour. Photo by Andrea Hubbell.

Contemporary cideries are key to keeping heirloom apple varieties alive

Appalachia is home to more apple varieties than the rest of the country combined, legacy of a bygone era when mountain settlers experimented with fruit trees in relative isolation. According to Gary Nabhan, an Arizona-based conservation biologist, sustainable agriculture activist, and “scholar in residence” during Virginia’s first annual Cider Week, the American apple is inextricably […]

Help for veterans: A C-VILLE reader speaks up

Help for veterans: A C-VILLE reader speaks up

Last week, ahead of Veterans Day, we ran a story about local vets and their struggles—and successes—coming home to the civilian workforce. It was a profile-oriented piece, but one reader, an Iraq veteran from Earlysville, pointed out that there weren’t a lot of specifics in the article about the resources out there for returning military. […]

Lighthouse Instruments CEO Jim Veale (left) and his friend and fellow Charlottesville biotech entrepreneur Tom Thorpe demonstrate Lighthouse’s laser scanning technology, which can detect leaks and contaminants in drug vials. Photo by Elli Williams.

Local biotech firm’s technology could prevent drug contamination, tragedies like meningitis outbreak

Months after thousands of people in the eastern U.S. were given back injections tainted with black mold, more than 300 have contracted fungal meningitis and 28 have died, including two in Virginia. As doctors scramble to treat those affected, regulators are trying to unravel what happened at the Massachusetts pharmacy that produced the drug. Whatever […]

UVA neurosurgeon Neal Kassell has given up the OR in favor of working to advance a surgical technology he says could be the most important medical device development since the invention of the scalpel—and he’s building a new research funding model in the process. Photo courtesy of UVA Medical Center.

UVA study testing ultrasound surgery treatment on Parkinson’s patients

Researchers at UVA have embarked on a new study to determine whether an advanced, noninvasive surgical procedure could help alleviate some of the debilitating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Dr. W. Jeffrey Elias, a UVA neurosurgeon, is overseeing the placebo-controlled, FDA-approved study, which is treating patients with focused ultrasound waves. Treatments involve pinpointing a trouble spot in […]

The city is connecting old land acquisitions, including Greenbrier Park, with new ones to create a more than mile-long buffer of public park land—outlined in red—in the restored Meadow Creek stream valley.

The Meadow Creek valley as a pedestrian corridor

When Charlottesville Parks and Trails Planner Chris Gensic gave a presentation in September on the future of the Meadow Creek stream valley, he flipped through a series of aerial shots that showed almost a century of evolution in the northern spur of the city that surrounds the waterway. In all the photos—from the late 1930s, […]

An infographic from the Center for American Progress on what it says is the real cost of a Mitt Romney tax plan. Image courtesy of CAP.

Perriello touts report on Romney’s budget math

Charlottesville and Albemarle residents may have spotted a familiar face talking politics at events and on the airwaves earlier this month when former 5th District Representative Tom Perriello swung through town. He’s stumping across the country—but not for any candidates. Perriello now works for the Center for American Progress, and is CEO of its Action […]

The Kennedy-Nixon debate of 1960. Photo courtesy of National Park Service.

The Miller Center asks the question: Do debates matter?

Whether they watched them unfold or not, many Americans point to big moments in the history of presidential debates in this country: Nixon’s no-makeup mistake; Lloyd Bentsen’s “you’re no Jack Kennedy” quip. But do those moments—or even the debates as a whole—really matter? It’s a question reporters and pundits revisit every election cycle. Because despite […]