Giles Morris

Giles Morris grew up the son of a Washington D.C. journalist and a Congressional press secretary and claims to be a fifth generation newsman on his father's side, which is hard to get your head around, but means effectively that working with words is in the blood. Prior to taking the editor-in-chief job at C-VILLE Weekly in July 2011, he learned his trade putting in shifts at the Rhinelander Daily News, the Smoky Mountain News, and the Tuckasegee Reader, an online newspaper he co-founded. Giles has also spent time as a high school English teacher on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota and as a community organizer in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood and managed to pick up a masters degree from Harvard Divinity School along the way. His many interests include the great outdoors, jogo bonito, American literature, and whooping it up (occasionally).

Photo: Elli Williams

Caruso Brown: The history teacher

“You can open most any book and read a history of Charlottesville and not get a sense of the African-American presence. Then you hear the oral histories about the thriving communities that existed, like Little Egypt over in the Proffit Road area and many areas here in town where there were five or six streets […]

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Ryan DeRose: A beautiful mind

You can usually find Ryan DeRose, founder of the digital creative agency Vibethink, standing in front of one of the giant white boards in the company’s Downtown Mall office space, mapping ideas with a dry erase marker. The 27-year-old Western Albemarle High School graduate normally works 80-plus hours a week, all seven days. To say […]

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Gloria Rockhold: Civic butterfly

Tango is the dance of passion: a gendered, structured improvisation of impossible closeness with fluid patternings that prioritize expression and intimacy, and the result of the collision of European and American cultures at the mouth of the Rio de la Plata. Maybe it’s no surprise then, that Gloria Rockhold, co-founder of the Charlottesville Tango Society, […]

Editor’s Note: No answers for Trayvon Martin

Editor’s Note: No answers for Trayvon Martin

“We are a nation of laws and the jury has spoken,” President Obama said in his statement responding to George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the killing of Trayvon Martin. Indeed. The president’s message to the American public was no doubt delivered to tamp down any larger race-based responses (the hypothetical riots that haven’t yet materialized) to […]

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Editor’s Note: Are you a local or a native?

A week back or so, I had an interesting exchange with a woman who had grown up here. She was adamant that somebody who came from the county couldn’t say he was “a Charlottesville native,” citing, among other things, the Commonwealth’s practice of separating cities from their counties jurisdictionally and the distinct identity separations between […]

Gregory Bateson–the anthropologist, philosopher, biologist, psychologist, and high priest of cybernetics–died of respiratory disease at the San Francisco Zen Center in 1980. Photo: Barry Schwartz.

Ecology of mind: UVA symposium aims to revive the interdisciplinary thinking of Gregory Bateson

“It takes two to know one.” One of the many riddles that Gregory Bateson–the anthropologist, philosopher, biologist, psychologist, and high priest of cybernetics–left behind when he died of respiratory disease at the San Francisco Zen Center in 1980 after a lifetime of cigarette smoking. Bateson was a titanic figure at 6’5″, intellectually intimidating, capable of […]