Faith Schweikert

Nadjeeb Chouaf, with Flora Artisanal Cheese at Timbercreek Market, took home first place after four years of competing in the national Cheesemonger Invitational. Photo by Ryan Jones

Local cheesemongers take home wins at national invitational

Charlottesville may be known for its wine, weddings and incomparable admiration of Thomas Jefferson, but perhaps all this time we’ve been missing the city’s real gem: cheese. This past week, two C’villians, Nadjeeb Chouaf of Flora Artisanal Cheese at Timbercreek Market and Sara Adduci at Feast!, took home first and third place respectively at the […]

You won't be hard-pressed to find a spot for your juice fix, with numerous locales featuring a multitude of imaginative, fresh-squeezed options. Photo: Staff photos

Jonesing for juice: The latest food fad makes a splash

We’re all guilty of it—a cupcake for a snack…an entire Benny Deluca’s pizza for dinner. It happens. Charlottesville, however, has embraced the perfect antidote for indulging in all the tantalizing foods the city has to offer: plenty of juice options. Whether found in a bottle, such as the locally owned Lumi juice, or made fresh […]

A volunteer finishes laying out a photograph on the western wall of the Landmark Hotel.

Landmark Hotel boasts a new look

The west side of the Downtown Mall’s Landmark Hotel has a new look. Thanks to the work of Dysturb, “a community of freelance photojournalists who place current international journalism in public spaces,” and the Magnum Foundation, a nonprofit photojournalist organization, the wall now sports images depicting climate change from around the world. The movement, entitled […]

Live Arts Artistic Director Julie Hamberg and Executive Director Matt Joslyn announced their resignations. Photo courtesy Live Arts

Live Arts executive director, artistic director resign

Live Arts community theater will be going through a couple of changes in the next few months. The Live Arts Board of Directors announced this afternoon the resignations of Executive Director Matt Joslyn, who has been with the organization for six and a half years, and Artistic Director Julie Hamberg, who has been there for five. Joslyn will stay on […]