Evan Williams

Thai food pairs beautifully with sweet wines, but pairing dishes with bottles can be difficult in restaurants. Wine expert Evan Williams recommends making your own pairings by ordering your food to go. Photo: Elli Williams

The sweet spot: Rediscover sweet wines with spicy food

As a wine writer, and a peddler of the juice too, I’ve often felt the urge to get defensive when it comes to the much-maligned “tall bottles”: German and Austrian Riesling, Alsatian Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Gris, Gewurtztraminer, and sometimes even Muscat. The amount of visceral and intellectual satisfaction that I’ve pulled from these kinds […]

Hamiltons’ is pouring Messias 10-year tawny port, a sweet red wine from Portugal that’s often served with dessert. Photo: Elli Williams

Port: The sweet red wine may be more versatile than you think

With the holidays nearly here, and the weather looking dreary and foreboding, could there be a better time to get into port? The richness, residual sugar, and alcoholic punch it brings to the end (or beginning) of a night seem tailor-made for this time of year. And yet, with so many stylistic interpretations and official […]

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Burst your bubbly: Uncorking the origins of Champagne and sparkling wine

Is there a more misunderstood and utterly disorganized style of wine than “sparkling”? (Alright, maybe Riesling, but that’s another discussion entirely—stay tuned!) Sparkling wine is, by all accounts, the patron wine of “special occasions” and celebration, and has thus been cast about, bastardized, and otherwise abused to the point of utter confusion and caricature. Let’s […]