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Red Knierim and Matt Wyatt performed for patrons at Feast!’s rooftop wine garden on Saturday, October 1. The pop-up space will host wine tastings from Blenheim Vineyards on Fridays and Saturdays through October 22. Rammelkampfoto

Feast! pairs up with Blenheim Vineyards

There’s a rooftop wine garden in town, but blink and you’ll miss it. On Fridays from 4-7pm and on Saturdays from 1-6pm, now through October 22, Feast! is hosting a pop-up wine garden with Blenheim Vineyards in the Main Street Market tower, a cozy, open space with bistro tables, padded benches and some excellent views […]

Firefly staff and customers are encouraged to don their dirndls and lederhosen for the stein-hoisting competition Thursday, September 29. Photo by Martyn Kyle

Oktoberfest events abound in Charlottesville

It’s Oktoberfest season, and breweries, restaurants and bars all over town are celebrating one of the world’s largest festivals, which has its origins in an 1810 mid-October royal marriage in Munich. So dust off your dirndls and lederhosen, Charlottesville, and get thee to a bierhaus. Kardinal Hall Oktoberfest “is in the nature and history of […]

Local comedian Chris Alan takes top billing at the LYAO Showcase January 20 at The Southern. Publicity photo

C’ville’s Chris Alan delivers some seriously funny shit

In May, Ruckersville-based comic Chris Alan found himself backstage at Amy Schumer’s stand-up comedy show at the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York. Alan, a Rochester native, was there supporting his pal Mark Normand, Schumer’s opening act that night. The three comics chatted a bit in the green room, but Alan says he was […]

Ashley Sieg Williams (above) and Brice Cunningham are bringing a new restaurant concept to the former Tempo space. Rammelkamp Foto

Water Street replaces Tempo

There’s a new restaurant in the old Tempo space on the corner of Water Street and Fifth Street SE. It’s fittingly called Water Street, and, according to Ashley Sieg Williams, a trained chef who runs the front of the house, it’s not a rebranding of Tempo—it’s an entirely new restaurant. Williams says she and chef […]

Will Marsh’s indie-rock project, Gold Connections, has two releases slated for 2017. Photo by Mike Bottorff

Gold Connections’ future looks bright

A couple of years ago, while home on winter break from the College of William & Mary, Will Marsh found himself feeling overwhelmed by thoughts that drift, and often race, through young minds. Marsh was studying English, playing in a few bands on campus and worried about choosing a path—the right path—then facing the consequences of […]

On September 29, Tavola chef Caleb Warr will cook a 10-course tasting menu inspired by his recent trip to Tuscany. Rammelkamp Foto

A trip to Italy influences chef’s approach to food

Tavola chef Caleb Warr never intended to cook Italian food. Warr, who grew up eating home-cooked Southern food in Louisiana, says that although he’d always dreamed of owning a restaurant, he wasn’t exactly into the idea of culinary school (neither were his parents). And if he did cook, he didn’t want to be limited to […]

Matt Monson, Kevin McElroy and Bradley Kipp will offer 10 beers on tap for the opening weekend of Random Row Brewing Co. September 16. Photo by Martyn Kyle

Brewery wants to tap into the neighborhood

Soon, you’ll be able to sidle up to one of the 45 bar stools at the Random Row Brewing Co. on Preston Avenue and say, “Bartender, I’ll have a random row, please.” The bartender will choose four different beers for you—a “random row”—but those beers have one essential commonality: They’ve all been made in the […]

“I have a really firm belief that everyone in Charlottesville has a creative piece to them, and we need to find ways to bring that out of them,” says PauseLab’s Matthew Slaats (center). He leads a team of community members in a quest to break the Guinness World Record for largest cardboard sculpture at the IX Art Park on Saturday. Photo by Eze Amos

‘Cville Galaxy’ challenges the Guinness World Record

According to Guinness World Records, the world’s largest cardboard sculpture, a massive 33′ x 33′ cardboard castle built in April and decorated by art students, is located in D-Park mall in Kowloon, Hong Kong, China. But probably not for long. Matthew Slaats has plans for IX Art Park to take over that honor on September […]

Justin van der Linde (right), owner of Smoked BBQ Co. food cart and Smoked Kitchen and Tap in Crozet, says requests from customers to bring his barbecue back to the Downtown Mall solidified his decision to return. Photo by Rammelkamp Foto

Food cart owner to open restaurants in Crozet

On Thursday, August 25, Smoked BBQ Co. served its last bite of barbecue to a long queue of hungry lunch-goers. At least for the time being. Smoked fans can pencil in late October for when they’ll be able to dig in to a plate of barbecue and other Southern comfort food made by Smoked owner […]

Will Mullany and Judith Young formed the music booking group Camp Ugly to develop a representative scene beyond white dudes playing indie rock. Photo by Ron Paris

Booking team Camp Ugly breaks through the velvet rope

In May 2015, housemates Judith Young and Will Mullany went to the Paramount Theater for a screening of Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, D.C. (1980-90). In the cushy theater seats, they watched how the early D.C. DIY scene unfolded, how now-legendary bands such as Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Government Issue and Fugazi […]

Painter Lou Haney’s exhibit, “Ripe,” opens September 2 at The Garage. Photo by Katelyn Greer

First Fridays: September 2

“There’s something compelling about taking something small and making it large,” says local artist Lou Haney, whose gouache on yupo paper paintings of larger-than-life fruit at various stages of maturity will hang at The Garage in September. “When an object normally fits in your hand,” she says, you have to reconsider your relationship to it […]

Barbie Brannock’s love of Southern California-style Mexican cooking comes from her mother. The menu at Barbie’s Burrito Barn includes burritos, tacos, bowls and tortilla strips instead of chips. Photo by Amy Jackson

Barbie’s Burrito Barn brings CaliMex to C’ville

For more than 20 years, every time Barbie Brannock cooked California-style Mexican food for her friends, they’d ask, “When are you going to open a restaurant?” They weren’t so much asking as they were insisting, says Brannock, who learned to cook in her mother’s Southern California kitchen, and was a Peace Corps worker, an artist […]

Zip Chicken owners Han Lee and his wife, Mi Eum, wanted to bring Korean food to the Corner to give diners new casual eating options. Photo by Eze Amos

Korean fried chicken and sushi bowls come to UVA

Han Lee and his wife, Mi Eum, moved to Charlottesville from Maryland about a month ago to open casual sit-down Korean restaurant Zip Chicken on 14th Street, across from Boylan Heights and smack dab in the middle of the Corner restaurant scene. “I know Korean isn’t as big here as it is in big cities,” […]

Photo: Amy Jackson

Allie Redshaw leaves Timbercreek Market to open own restaurant

Allie Redshaw will leave her post as executive chef at Timbercreek Market later this month, and for a very good reason: opening a restaurant of her own. Redshaw, known for her new-school American cooking and modern, locally-sourced gourmet cuisine, told C-VILLE Weekly that she leaves Timbercreek “on good terms,” and that she “didn’t want to […]

MIMA, a music nonprofit originally started in New York City, opened a chapter here in February and wants to engage the community in collaborative workshops. Photo: Murphy Thibodeau

Music nonprofit wants to help locals unite in song

Rappity rap, rappity rap. A 13-year-old tapped out a beat on a metal folding chair. Rappity rap, rappity rap. Dressed in black jeans, black untied high tops and a black Michael Jordan jersey over a white undershirt, he slumped forward, his restless fingers wandering over the edge of his chair, his gaze wandering up to […]

Jessie and Keith Stowell are the creative team behind the mysterious (but not locked) doors of the Cville Escape Room.

Cville Escape Room challenges your brain

Back in May, a sandwich board adorned with a painted skeleton key advertising the Cville Escape Room popped up on the Downtown Mall, between the Main Street Arena and Violet Crown Cinema. Intrigued, a couple of friends and I book three slots in the fortune teller’s Secret room. Passing by the sandwich board we climb […]

After three weeks of intense training, the Troublemakers present Pericles at the Masonic Building in Staunton through July 30. Photo: Publicity photo

Summer ensemble turns Shakespeare’s Pericles upside-down

On a warm Monday morning earlier this month, a dozen twentysomethings gather in a bright, high- ceilinged room on the fifth floor of the Masonic Building on West Beverley Street in Staunton. Barefoot, they sit close together on the red carpet, pairs of shoes scattered among water bottles, backpacks, script packets and pieces of stage […]

Charlottesville’s Performers Exchange Project will present 21 performances of The Convolution of Pip and Twig at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August. Fundraising performances take place locally on July 21 and 22 at PVCC’s Maxwell Theater. Photo: Will May

Edinburgh Festival Fringe influences local theater

Every August, tens of thousands performers from all over the world flock to Edinburgh, Scotland, and transform the 102-square-mile medieval city into the world’s largest stage: the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Just about every space imaginable becomes a venue for more than 3,000 unique shows, says Charlottesville actor, director and producer Ray Nedzel, who has been […]

Drawing comparisons to The Avett Brothers and Jason Isbell, the Will Overman Band has generated a huge fanbase and lots of buzz about what’s next. See them at Fridays After Five this week. Photo: Publicity photo

The imminent rise of the Will Overman Band

While playing an album release show at the Southern on June 4, the five members of local amped-up folk-rock outfit Will Overman Band stepped off the stage and into the crowd to perform an acoustic rendition of the song “Ode to Virginia.” “We plopped down in the middle of the crowd and they formed a […]

Post Sixty Five plays lush, beautiful, guitar-driven rock at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar on June 17. Photo: Martyn Kyle

Post Sixty Five rides an undercurrent of emotional energy

Before a recent Post Sixty Five band practice, frontman Hicham Benhallam sat on a patch of grass outside the rehearsal space and stared into the trees nearby. The muggy June air blurred his vision, so he took off his dark-framed glasses and blinked a few times before acknowledging that there was no relief from the […]

Amateur and professional artists hone their drawing skills with the help of a live model at McGuffey Art Center. Photo: Ryan Jones

McGuffey’s life drawing sessions turn perspective on its head

On a recent Saturday morning, C arrived at McGuffey Art Center to pose for a life drawing session held in an artist’s basement studio. She knew to expect a challenge. Robert Bricker, the artist running the session, posed C (not her real name) and another model together in a box with uneven walls jutting out […]

Sly, modern pop duo Illiterate Light (Jeff Gorman and Jake Cochran) plays up life’s pros and cons at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar on April 22, Wild Wolf Brewery on April 23 and the Corner Indie Fest on May 3. Photo: Brandy Somers

Illiterate Light searches for moral middle ground

On a freezing-cold night in February, Harrisonburg band Illiterate Light played a set under a red light bulb in the kitchen of a house on First Street South, close to the graveyard. It was 1am and a dozen or so 20somethings leaned against walls and countertops, holding cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon and passing around […]

KNDRGRDN (L to R: Eric Nelson, Jonathan Teeter and Max Bollinger) plays Crozet Pizza at the Buddhist Biker Bar on April 20. Photo: Ariana Miklowitz

Jonathan Teeter takes us back to KNDRGRDN

During a recent KNDRGRDN gig at Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar, frontman Jonathan Teeter looked up from his guitar mid-song. Bodies were packed in tightly, close to the stage, and he could see people bobbing up and down and singing along to “Your Shadow.” “Your shadow is coming in / Coming into my room / Your […]