Erin O'Hare

Formed through Charlottesville’s DIY punk scene, Wild Rose sources the botanical world for its thoughtful lyrics powered by high-energy musicianship.
Photo by Farrah Skieky

Poetic edge: Punk quartet Wild Rose is beholden to beauty

Climbing into your mom’s minivan when you’d lied only slightly about your whereabouts for the evening, reeking of cigarettes and blaming it on your friends when it really was you who was smoking. Claiming you’d only been drinking Pepsi and then trying to figure out how to throw away the beer bottle caps you’d stuffed […]

Ashley Florence’s “Manger-au-Lit” is one of the pieces on view at her “Body and Bread” show at Studio IX this month. Courtesy of Ashley Florence

First Fridays: July 7

First Fridays: July 7 Photographer Ashley Florence experiments with materials, situations, emotions, narratives and curiosity in her show “Body and Bread,” on view at Studio IX this month. From a chromogenic print of Florence herself sitting in a traditional Madonna pose and wearing a full-body suit sewn out of blue book linen, to 19 Polaroids […]

Scholar and performer A.D. Carson appears on Friday at the Telemetry Music Series at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative. Photo courtesy of Amy Jackson.

UVA hip-hop professor contemplates the work ahead

When A.D. Carson was in fourth grade at Durfee Elementary School in Decatur, Illinois, his teacher asked the class to write a paragraph about a picture hanging on the wall. The picture was of children playing, and Carson asked his teacher if he could make his paragraph rhyme. She agreed—encouraged him, even—and soon after gave […]

Comic Ayanna Dookie looks for, and usually finds, humor in everything, from adopting a cat to being catcalled. Publicity photo

Ayanna Dookie has something funny to say

Ayanna Dookie got her start in comedy by talking shit in the Black Engineers Society student lounge at the University of Maryland. She’d sit around at lunch, telling jokes and poking fun at fellow students who found her so entertaining they’d come to the lounge, sometimes bringing friends from other departments, hoping to catch her […]

Sarah White will play songs from her forthcoming record, High Flyer, at the Southern on Friday, June 23. White says the album is a collection of her 11 best songs so far—some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue. Publicity photo

Sarah White reaches new heights with High Flyer

It’s a warm June afternoon in Richmond, and Sarah White relaxes onto a wooden bench underneath a verdant tree in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts garden. A slow breeze rustles garden life and pushes lethargic cotton candy clouds through the cerulean sky. “Isn’t she amazing?,” White asks, tucking a wisp of hair behind her […]

The pickin’s ripe for local fruits, including peaches, cherries and blackberries, at area orchards.

Crops are tops: Have your pick of summer’s bounty

We’re halfway through June, which means fruit harvest season has begun, and that means now is the time to do our best impression of the very hungry caterpillar. You know the story: A tiny caterpillar eats through fruit after fruit (and a piece of cake, an ice cream cone, a pickle, etc.) on his journey […]

Drugsong’s nurse offers a special potion that leads to a transcendent, operatic scene within the play. Photo courtesy of the artist.

‘Drugsong’ crosses new thresholds in stage performance

A mysterious woman named Iz arrives at a sanatorium-cum-medical spa, completely mute. She’s brought in by her husband who explains that one night, while putting their son down to sleep, Iz stopped singing mid-lullaby and hasn’t uttered a word since. Everyone at the sanatorium/spa finds Iz—and her silence—compelling. So begins Drugsong, theater and performance artist Jennifer […]

Dylan Allwood, current chef de cuisine at C&O Restaurant, says he’s excited to explore his passion for Italian food as Tavola’s new head chef. Photo courtesy of Natalie Jacobsen.

Caleb Warr leaves his post at Tavola and other food and drink news

After showcasing his mastery of Italian cooking at Tavola, Caleb Warr is leaving his post as the eatery’s head chef. Dylan Allwood, current chef de cuisine at C&O Restaurant, will take his spot. Warr, a Louisiana native, arrived in Charlottesville seven years ago with a desire to cook. He didn’t attend culinary school, but with […]

Haircut plays next on June 23 at Magnolia House. The punk rock group expects to release new music digitally and on cassette over the next few weeks. Photo courtesy of Ron Paris.

Haircut’s perspective strikes a hot chord

On a recent Friday night, a bunch of punk rockers in patch- and pin- covered jean jackets, cutoff shorts and moth-eaten band T-shirts packed into the front room at Magnolia House. Some donned well-worn baseball caps, two wore dreadlocks, one wore a dangly yin-yang earring. Charlottesville punk band Haircut had second billing on the hardcore […]

The “Collect, Care, Conserve, Curate: The Life of the Art Object” exhibition offers a behind-the-scenes look into what it takes to maintain a museum collection. Pictured above are the pre- and post-restoration images of Louis Mathieu Didier Guillaume’s “Maximilian Schele De Vere.” Photography courtesy of Fine Art Conservation of Virginia, Scott W. Nolley, Chief Conservator. Courtesy of The Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia.

Fralin exhibition tells a story beyond the gallery walls

When Maximilian Schele De Vere arrived in Scott Nolley’s art conservation studio in Richmond, he was in rough shape. Covered in years’ worth of dust, tobacco residue and coal-fire furnace soot, Schele De Vere—or rather his portrait, rendered in oil paint on canvas by Louis Mathieu Didier Guillaume circa 1887—had fallen against a trash can […]

Breakers plays a record release show for In Search of An Exit, which is loosely inspired by an episode of “The Twilight Zone.” Photo courtesy of Amy Jackson

Breakers dabbles in the fifth dimension on new album

On a warm Monday evening, the four members of Breakers sit comfortably on wicker couches under a covered porch in Belmont. In the glow of multicolored Christmas lights, they share beers and take turns snuggling Batman, drummer Vicente Arroyo’s dog, clad in a red, yellow and green collar, in their post-practice ritual. It’s where they […]

Although Arley Arrington, owner of Arley Cakes, is closing her local cake business and moving to Richmond, she’ll continue offering a monthly cookie subscription through her website.
Photo courtesy of Amy Jackson

Arley Cakes owner planning move to Richmond

Over the last few years, baker Arley Arrington has won our hearts with her baked goods—from her pies at the now-gone Brookville Restaurant to exquisite wedding and birthday cakes topped with flowers and fresh fruit, and (this reporter’s personal favorite) oatmeal cream pies. Now the owner of Arley Cakes is taking her sweet skills to Richmond […]

KITCHEN(ette), a lunchtime sandwich shop in the Rose Hill neighborhood, offers the classics with dressed-up sides such as curried chickpea salad. Photo by Tom McGovern

Sandwich spot caters to the classics

You can never have too many sandwich options, which is why Morgan Hurt and Gabe Garcia, the team behind Kitchen Catering, opened KITCHEN(ette), a sandwich shop in their catering facility and event space at 606 Rivanna Ave. The menu, divided into four sections—sandwiches with meat, vegetarian sandwiches, salads and sides—is reasonably sized without being overwhelming, […]

Louis Hampton and Damani Harrison of The Beetnix perform at the Nine Pillars Cultural Hip-hop Fest. Photo by Ron Paris

Listen up: C-ville’s hip-hop scene is on the rise

It’s a gray Sunday evening, 50-something degrees and drizzling when The Beetnix step onto the outdoor stage at IX Art Park. It’s been raining all day, but a crowd of more than 100 has gathered on the graffiti-painted concrete ground in front of the stage. Many of them hold their phones and tablets in the […]

The Shops at Stonefield farmers market is open Thursday nights and Saturday mornings, and features artisan and craft vendors as well as samples from Stonefield restaurants. Photo by Tom McGovern

Stonefield’s ‘luxury’ green market

On Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings now through October, a luxury farmers market will take place on the open green space at The Shops at Stonefield, located at the corner of Hydraulic Road and Route 29. The Green Market Stonefield will focus on quality over quantity from hand-selected vendors “to create something different,” says Caroline […]

Local musician and composer Paige Naylor performed at The Bridge PAI’s Telemetry experimental music series in April. The next show takes place on May 14. Photo by Travis Thatcher

Telemetry series at The Bridge takes off

Open-minded listeners looking for a new sound experience should head to The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative on Sunday night for the Telemetry series. Developed by programming committee members Peter Bussigel, a composer and intermedia artist and professor in UVA’s music department, and Travis Thatcher, technical director of composition and computer technologies in that same department, […]

“Epitaxy,” featuring steel sculpture by Lily Erb and cloth sculpture by Annie Dunckel, is on view at the Welcome Gallery at New City Arts through the month of May. Photo by Martyn Kyle

First Fridays: May 5

First Fridays: May 5 Lily Erb spends a lot of time outside, taking stock of the natural world for images, information and patterns to use in her steel sculptures, some of which are on view this month in “Epitaxy” at the Welcome Gallery at New City Arts. Sometimes she’ll focus on abstracting a certain natural form—for […]

As part of the Folklife Apprenticeship Program, Joey Mirabile (right) taught apprentice Logan Caine most of what he knows about life in the hot dog business. Photo by Pat Jarrett/Virginia Folklife Program

Master hot dog purveyor passes down trade secrets

Joey Mirabile has been around hot dogs his entire life. His father, Tony, served them at Bacali’s Hot Dogs in Norfolk during World War II and even fed celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. when they were in town to perform. Tony and his wife, Geri, opened Tony’s Hot Dogs in Norfolk in […]

Kristina Warren performs solo on the Abacus, a next-generation musical instrument she designed. Photo by Amy Jackson

Composer Kristina Warren channels vocal technology into art

The human voice is an extraordinary thing. Even the softest, quietest sound is no small feat to produce. Here’s how it works: The lungs pump air through the trachea (windpipe) and into the larynx, where the vocal cords are located. The air makes the vocal folds—multilayered folds of tissue—vibrate, and they alternately trap and release […]

Ships in the Night celebrates the release of Myriologues with a Witches Prom at the Southern on Friday. Photo by Tristan Williams

Ships in the Night sets course for dawn on new album

When Alethea Leventhal was a child, she’d sit for hours at the piano in her mother’s Charlottesville home, singing, playing chords and experimenting with sounds. She remembers obsessively listening to songs like Jimmy Ruffin’s 1966 Motown hit “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted,” pressing play over and over again and using that piano to figure out […]

Found. Market Co., which doubles as a remade furniture workshop and bakehouse, specializes in cookies as well as farmhouse-style baked goods such as muffins and tea cakes. Photo by Tom McGovern

Cookie-focused company settles into new home

Calling all cookie monsters: Found. Market Co. at 221 Carlton Rd. (the former Kathy’s Produce spot) is here for all of your cookie needs. In addition to functioning as a gathering space and remade furniture workshop, Found. is a bakehouse specializing in cookies—pick up some salted rosemary shortbread, a batch of classic cookies or frozen […]

Juice Laundry founder Mike Keenan says he’ll have more specifics on the Corner location soon. Photo by Elli Williams

The Juice Laundry expands, The birth of Mama Meals and more

Fed and pampered Whoa, baby—there’s a new meal service in town. Inspired by requests from local moms who read Heng Ou’s The First Forty Days, a book about Ou’s experience being cared for post-birth by an herbalist aunt, the Charlottesville Cooking School is now offering Mama Meals, a program of Ou’s menus intended to increase […]

Timberlake’s Drug Store and Soda Fountain is so fond of its regulars that framed photos of them are displayed on one wall. Photo by Emily Sacco

Timberlake’s customers are like family

It’s quarter after noon on a Wednesday and Debbie Kirby stands behind the lunch counter at Timberlake’s Drug Store and Soda Fountain. She adjusts the side ties on her red cotton smock before filling a tall red plastic cup with cola and hustling it over to one of the three men sitting at a small, […]

The turkey BLT paffle is just one of the savory options (sweet varieties are offered as well) at Iron Paffles and Coffee. Staff photo

Introducing paffles to Charlottesville

Kathryn Matthews has been obsessed with American breakfast since she was a child, growing up in Grimsby, a small fishing town on the northeast coast of England. Her grandparents would sometimes take her on vacation to Florida, where they’d eat waffles and fluffy American pancakes, which are quite different from the unleavened, more crêpe-like English […]