Erika Howsare

Cville BioHub's Nikki Hastings. Photo: Sanjay Suchak

Bio builder: How to grow biotech right here at home

Charlottesville’s biotech industry—of which the University of Virginia is a major driver—is lively and growing, employing around 1,800 people. Nikki Hastings, formerly an executive at two of those companies, recently took the helm at CvilleBioHub, a local industry group with an ambitious vision: “to double the size of the biotech industry over the next 10 […]

Ma Belle Calligraphy. Photo: Courtesy Ma Belle

Letter perfect: Our favorite local calligraphers

Nothing says “instant keepsake” like a hand-lettered invitation, and plenty of local calligraphers are up to the challenge. Michelle Streeter of Ma Belle Calligraphy (above) works in a modern style and offers invitation suites along with fun extras, like a handwritten version of your vows, to display at the wedding and, later, in your home. […]