Eric Rezsnyak

Ash, Nick, Vin, Brace and Steven from Gigolos (Season 3).

TV Previews: “Abby & Brittany,” “Gigolos,” and “Girlfriend Confidential: LA”

 Race to the bottom “Abby & Brittany”  Tuesday 10pm, TLC There is a growing sentiment that TLC—which originally stood for The Learning Channel—has now become the modern-day equivalent to the circus freak show. An endless parade of extreme human behaviors are put on the airwaves—families with 19 children, teenage gypsy brides, extreme couponers and hoarders. While […]

T.V.: “Trust Us with Your Life,” “Political Animals,” “Breaking Bad”

T.V.: “Trust Us with Your Life,” “Political Animals,” “Breaking Bad”

 “Trust Us with Your Life”  Tuesday 9pm, ABC This comedy series from the creators of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” brings back the televised improv concept, but with a celebrity talk-show spin. Each episode will feature a different famous person—Serena Williams, Jerry Springer, Florence Henderson, and Ricky Gervais among them—being interviewed by host Fred Willard, as […]