“Hollywood Wives,” “Anger Management,” “Weeds”

 “Hollywood Exes” Wednesday 9pm, VH1 VH1 has found its latest niche in super-trashy versions of Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchises. There’s “Basketball Wives” and its Los Angeles-based spin-off; “Mob Wives” and its Chicago spin-off (and another spin-off in the wings for fan favorite Big Ang); and now this series that follows the lives of a bunch […]

“Dallas,” “Suits,” “The Glass House”

“Dallas” Wednesday 9pm, TNT It’s time to return to Southfork Ranch as TNT brings back the Ewings. “Dallas” was a huge hit for CBS starting in 1978, and had a profound impact on pop culture during its 13-season run. This new series will continue the continuity of the original, with returning cast Patrick Duffy (Bobby), […]

“Around the World in 80 Plates,” “Desperate Housewives,” “America’s Got Talent”

 “Around the World in 80 Plates” Wednesday 10pm, Bravo Bravo attempts to launch another culinary competition show with this wild hybrid of several reality-TV concepts. “Around the World in 80 Plates”—hosted by celebrity chefs Cat Cora (“Iron Chef America”) and Curtis Stone (seemingly every show on television)—blends the cooking competition elements of “Top Chef,” the global […]

“Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country,” “Fox 25th Anniversary Special,” “Veep”

 “Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country” Friday 9pm, CMT Jennie Garth—Kelly Taylor on “Beverly Hills, 90210”—has probably had the most consistent success of all her teen-soap castmates. After that show’s 10-season run she scored another regular gig on the sitcom “What I Like About You,” appeared on “Dancing with the Stars,” and then came back to […]

“Savage U,” “Scandal,” “The Client List”

 “Savage U” Tuesday 11pm, MTV When I was in high school and college, horny and confused teens had “Loveline,” the late-night call-in show featuring comedian Adam Corolla and the now-despicable Dr. Drew. Although “Loveline” has been off TVs for more than a decade, these “millennial” children are desperately in need of some real sex talk, […]

“Punk’d,” “Game of Thrones,” “Adventure Time”

“Punk’d” Thursday 10pm, MTV MTV revived the “Candid Camera” format back in 2003 with “Punk’d,” a celebrity-prank show from the “mind” of puckish Ashton Kutcher. The series became a pop culture touchstone, and in its heyday, had some pretty amazing episodes—the bit where Justin Timberlake cries because he thinks the IRS is repossessing his house, […]

“Fashion Star,” “Community,” “Frozen Planet”

“Fashion Star” Tuesday 9:30pm, NBC “Project Runway” is over the hill and Bravo’s “Fashion Show” limped through two mostly dreadful seasons, but the twists to this show actually make it pretty interesting. You have your supermodel host (Elle Macpherson), your panel of fashionista mentors (designer John Varvatos, unlikely fashion mogul Jessica Simpson, and alleged style […]

This week in TV

“Cougar Town”  Tuesday 8:30pm, ABC Things are not looking good for our favorite penny can enthusiasts. “Cougar Town” got off to a rough start, bedeviled by that controversial name and a first season that struggled to find its voice, like so many sitcoms. The second season was utterly hilarious, and for me inspired way more […]

This week in TV

“The River”  Tuesday 9pm, ABC You might recognize the name Oren Pell if you’re a fan of the Paranormal Activity series of films. Inspired by The Blair Witch Project, writer-director Pell took a modest budget and made a fortune out of “found-footage” film. He’s taking a similar approach with this new drama/horror series about a […]

This week in T.V.

“I Just Want My Pants Back” Thursday 11pm, MTV They may act like they’re too cool for it, but hipsters need love too. Thus this new so-clever-it-hurts sitcom. The attention-grabbing title stems from lead character Jason (Peter Vack, basically an amalgam of Owen and Luke Wilson), whose favorite pair of jeans go missing after a one-night […]

This week in T.V.

“Touch”  Wednesday 9pm, Fox Kiefer Sutherland returns to television with this new drama-mystery from the mind of Tim Kring. You might recognize that name as the creator of NBC’s “Heroes,” which could be a good thing if this turns out like “Heroes” Season 1, or a terrible thing if it turns out like any other […]

This week in TV

“Dance Moms” Tuesday 9pm, Lifetime The surprise hit from last summer returns for Season 2, and it will be interesting to see what has changed now that some of these women have seen their deplorable actions broadcast via reality TV editors. “Dance Moms” follows Abby Lee Miller, a purportedly world-renowned dance instructor and coach to […]

This week in TV

“Project Runway: All Stars”  Thursday 9pm, Lifetime The good news: 13 of the most beloved and/or memorable contestants from “Project Runway” seasons past are back for a second chance. We’re talking Season 1’s Austin Scarlett (now with an unfortunate pornstache), Season 4’s Sweet P, Season 8’s Michael Costello, and Season 5’s Kenley Collins, for my […]