Jefferson School City Center

Jefferson School City Center is a voice of the nine nonprofits located at Charlottesville’s intergenerational community center, the restored Jefferson School. We are a legacy preserved . . . a soul reborn . . . in the heart of Charlottesville!

Misty Boos kept communication open between tenant organizations at the Jefferson School City Center and the surrounding neighborhoods in her role as facilitator of the Neighborhood Engagement Team.

What’s going on at the Jefferson School City Center?

A long-standing community tradition in Charlottesville has returned. Roller skating is being offered once again at Carver Recreation Center! This event occurs most Fridays from 5pm–8pm and Sundays from 1pm–6pm. Skates are provided and there is no charge for this activity. Skaters are also welcome to bring their own skates or rollerblades to the rink at the Jefferson School City Center.