Elizabeth Derby

Trippy, undulating tunes will emanate from the Pavilion stage when The XX plug in on Friday.

ARTS Pick: The xx

London trio The xx performs its signature chill-out electro pop on the final leg of a U.S. tour that followed the 2012 launch of its latest album Coexist. Fresh from a festival circuit that included Coachella and Bonnaroo, the band blends gentle rock with metaphysical themes and electronic elements resulting in evocative, intriguing trance ballads […]

The finer points of blacksmithing are handed down through the Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Program. Pat Jarrett

Virginia Folklife apprenticeships promote the arts of everyday life

In a world of exploding tuitions, shaky job markets, and ubiquitous unpaid internships, the notion of an apprenticeship sounds like an antiquated luxury. In the Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Program, however, the system of master and apprentice is alive and well, not only offering hands-on education but the cultivation of inter-generational connections and preservation of Virginia […]

Old school magicians tell tales and perform tricks from more than 40 years on the nightclub circuit at PVCÇ’s season opener.

ARTS Pick: Carnival of Wonders

Fill up on sword swallowing, fire eating, and other illusions at the Carnival of Wonders, an evening of fantastic performances led by career magicians Peter Monticup and Steve Pittella, assisted by Miss Electra and The Rubber Girl. Their big city stunts and sleights of hand will kick off PVCC’s 15th season of fine and performing […]

Locally based concorDance company blends form and imagination in three area performances of Tripping the Light Fantastic.

ARTS Pick: concorDance

Crozet-based contemporary dance company concorDance presents Tripping the Light Fantastic, a concert of playful choreography that celebrates mirth and merriment in movement. Pieces range from “Shamone,” a carousing number that conjures Bob Fosse, Michael Jackson, and Austin Powers to “Elevator Theory,” a duet that imagines love in a short ride between floors. Performances include live […]

Olympian John Carlos will appear at the Paramount Theater to discuss vision and action for world change. Photo courtesy of Festival of the Book.

We cannot live without books: Festival hosts 200+ events over five days

Of the festival’s myriad non-fiction topics, one of the hottest will be Thomas Jefferson. This is Charlottesville, after all. Three separate programs focus on T.J., including Jefferson’s Legacies with Henry Wiencek and John Ragosta (Friday at 4pm at CitySpace). Wiencek’s Master of the Mountain: Thomas Jefferson and His Slaves received much attention for its highly-charged topic. “There was so much about Jefferson I didn’t understand,” Wiencek said. “There’s a saying among authors, ‘I write to find out.’”

Hysteria ensues in Live Arts' In the Next Room (or the Vibrator Play) starring Sarah Edwards as Sabrina Daldry,
Melissa Charles as Catherine Givings, and
Bill LeSueur as Dr. Givings. (Photo courtesy of Live Arts)

Good buzz: In The Next Room (or The Vibrator Play)

Onstage, a fine-featured woman removes her skirt, collapses her bustle, and adjusts the corset nipping her waist. Her hands are pale and flighty as she sits on the doctor’s bench and pulls a medical drape up to her chin. Diagnosed with hysteria, a Victorian umbrella term for ailments including headaches, light sensitivity, and predisposition to […]

A quick guide to New Year’s Eve in Charlottesville

A quick guide to New Year’s Eve in Charlottesville

Whether you decide to spend your New Year’s Eve with talented student filmmakers, passionate performing artists, or rocking out to big band sounds, you’re guaranteed to ring in 2013 with a newfound love of Charlottesville’s arts scene. First Night is an annual “celebration of the arts” that began in Charlottesville in 1983 with dozens of family-friendly […]