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Jennifer Niesslein has assembled compelling essays from her acclaimed blog into the book
Full Grown People: The Greatest Hits, Volume 1. “The book is a great introduction, and if you’ve just found the site and don’t want to slog through back essays, this is a great way to catch up,” she said. Photo: Emily Morone.

Book mark: Jennifer Niesslein’s Full Grown People turns 1

To celebrate the first birthday of her online literary journal Full Grown People on October 4, editor Jennifer Niesslein published a book. “Full Grown People: The Greatest Hits, Volume 1 gives you a good idea of our breadth,” she said. “It covers a lot, from parenting issues, when you’re looking at maybe your kids leaving […]

The “Maitreya Loving Kindness Tour” offers a chance to get close to Buddha. “If you wish, there will be a monk on hand to offer a personal blessing,” Leena Rose Miller said. The tour also offers a period for baby blessings and pet blessings.

Following bliss: Sacred relics on exhibition at CitySpace

“I was walking down the street in Asheville a few years ago, and I saw a line forming at the center where I’d occasionally attended meditation,” said Leena Rose Miller. “I thought, ‘What’s this?’ and got into it, not knowing what to expect. I can honestly only tell you that when I stood in front […]

In her role as curator at Second Street Gallery, Tosha Grantham is broadening appeal through programs like the Second Saturday series “Yoga Art Grooves.” Photo courtesy of Tosha Grantham.

Gaining access: Tosha Grantham reaches out at Second Street Gallery

Curator Tosha Grantham’s biggest single show to date took over 10 years to develop. Featuring 112 objects by 18 artists occupying 4,500 square feet, “Darkroom” was a collection of photography and new media from South Africa’s period of apartheid. But it wasn’t size and scope that gave Grantham satisfaction. “I was talking to someone outside […]

“Ethiopia, Ark of the Covenant” at The Garage is photographer Philip de Jong’s first exhibition in several years. Image courtesy of the artist

The discontent of photographer Philip de Jong

Visual artist Philip de Jong won’t content himself with creating beautiful work. In fact, he avoids contentment altogether. “At some point as a trained photographer your job is to make anything look good,” he said. “If people describe my work as pretty, I feel insulted on some level because all it means is that I […]

Authentic Latin food, children’s activities, and live traditional music and dancing bring the community together for Saturday’s Cville Sabroso. Photo credit: Susan Manning Parmar

Cville Sabroso’s Latin celebration

Fanny Smedile is not a professional dancer. But at last year’s Cville Sabroso, she put on a colorful dancing dress and found herself transformed. “When I wore the costume, I felt my folklore,” she said. “When I listened to the music, it took me back to my country. In that moment, I felt it in […]

Abundance Organizing's Allison Mitchell clears physical—and often emotional—clutter to make room for happiness. Photo: Emily Moroné.

Order up: Professional organizer helps clients clear the clutter

Allison Mitchell helps people sort through and systematize the keeping of their stuff. But really, she says, they’re redefining self-love. “The irony for my clients is that they fear losing something, so they keep everything, then they lose the something they really wanted to keep,” said Mitchell, a Charlottesville-based organizing consultant for Richmond firm Abundance […]

Artist Emily King blends new tools with old techniques, bitmapping photos in Photoshop to create stylized images she then prints in the traditional way. Image courtesy of the artist

“The World of Printmaking” explored at the Jefferson School City Center

Everybody’s an amateur photographer these days, using smartphone cameras and Instagram filters to create quick, easy, and brighter-than-life ‘art’. But in curator June Collmer’s latest exhibit, “The World of Printmaking,” she’s going to bat for a different aesthetic. “It’s the lines,” the local photographer said in an interview at the Vinegar Hill Café in the […]

Justin Poe’s tiny architectural landscape sculptures are on exhibition in “Parvum” at Pigment showroom through August 10. Image courtesy of the artist

Sculptor Justin Poe creates landscapes in minature

You don’t often see sculptors in the library at work on invisible projects, but Justin Poe is an exception. “When I started out, I did these 2″ x 3″ wide sculptures, and I carried everything around in my backpack,” said the Charlottesville-based artist. “I worked in public, in libraries and restaurants, and got a lot […]

“Cross Section” is one of the works on exhibition in Laura Snyder’s “Souvenir,” inspired by her travels in Latin America. Image courtesy of the artist

Artist Laura Snyder remaps personal experiences

 “I don’t really like going on trips,” said Laura Snyder, standing among half-painted maps and other travel miscellany in her second-floor studio at The Haven. “When I go somewhere I like to be able to just stay. I’m a one-way ticket kind of girl.” A New City Arts’ artist-in-residence, Snyder was in the midst of […]

Ashley McMillen and her band bring true to the roots country music to the Pavilion stage for Fridays After Five. Photo by Tahni Candelaria-Holm.

ARTS Pick: Ashley McMillen

When she’s not talking about country music on her own local radio show, Ashley McMillen is whipping up tunes that get boots clickin’ and brass buckles swayin’. Born in the hills of West Virginia, the Southern songbird embraces classic country using traditional instruments and heartfelt lyrics to capture the essence of the genre. McMillen carved […]

The Kings of Belmont return for a hometown gig and declare independence for local rock 'n' roll. Publicity photo.

ARTS Pick: Kings of Belmont

Nothing defines America’s pop music culture quite like rock ‘n’ roll, and no local outfit rocks out quite like the Kings of Belmont. In the midst of a summer schedule that takes them up and down the east coast, KOB turns inland for a brief holiday homecoming to jam with friends and family in the […]

Thoroughly Modern Millie (Carly Amburn, center) tries to embrace the lifestyle of the 1920’s by dancing her way through Broadway nightclubs and seducing her way into Park Avenue wealth. Photo by Michael Bailey.

ARTS Pick: Thoroughly Modern Millie

The winner of 2002’s Tony Award for best musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie, kicks off the Heritage Theatre Festival in retro fashion. The show follows Millie, a wide-eyed Midwestern farm girl-turned-flapper, through a series of misadventures in New York City’s Jazz Age. Big city lights and Big Apple nights set the stage for this fish-out-of-water story […]

Tupelo Press Teen Writing Center students visit the Special Collections’ Rare Book Library at UVA to find inspiration for their own writing projects. Photo courtesy of Tupelo Press Teen Writing Center

Tupelo Press Teen Writing Center unites creative youth

It takes a village to raise a writer, or at least it did in my case. When I was in eighth grade my best friend applied to a local performing arts high school, where she was accepted as a creative writing major, and I—propelled by love of adjectives and X-Files fan fiction—did the same. Four […]

Visual artist Sarah Klein uses “hand-drawn images and stop-motion animation to create humorous and often dark narratives on domestic life and other related themes.” Photo courtesy of the artist

The Niche at UVA points media in a new direction

The flat screen is unassuming—a 60″ monitor mounted to the wall in UVA’s Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library. Surrounded by chairs and headphones, The Niche currently plays a loop of video from the stop-motion animation program “Stop & Go: Made from Scratch.” Sounds benign, but associate professor of new media Lydia Moyer sees it as […]

“It’s intimidating for people to share, so I always talk some nonsense,” said Raven Mack, host of the bimonthly Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts haiku poetry slams. Photo courtesy of the artist

Raven Mack finds peace through word fights

“Who I am is not really defined. Most of the questions you asked I’d probably answer differently two weeks from now,” said Raven Mack, smiling under his long beard. “I always reserve the right to change suddenly.” Mack’s a poet without pretension, scribbling sonnets on his lunch break and supporting a wife, three children, and their […]

Author and publisher Deborah Prum decided to incorporate audio recordings of poets' work into the new anthology after she developed a YA audiobook for the blind and disabled.

Oh, God: Artists address spirituality in multisensory ebook

In a world increasingly dependent on text messages, two-sentence emails, and other abbreviated missives, why do artists do what they do? Why slave over word choice or perfect lighting, or attempt to sculpt poetry from the confusion of everyday experience? As she edited the new ebook anthology Back Talking on the Mountain of God, author […]

“Enjoy what you do,” said Saul Kaplan. “My favorite thing is to sit in my studio listening to Mozart, or Brahms and Beethoven, and work. To draw and do artwork and have that music waft in my ear while I struggle.” Saul Kaplan’s work is on view at Vivian’s Art for Living on the Downtown Mall.  Photo courtesy if the artist.

Saul Kaplan puts his legacy on paper

“I’ve been drawing for 65 years. That’s not an exaggeration. I have a pile of stuff. In the end, I know they’re gonna pull a dumpster up, and there goes the stuff.“ Saul Kaplan, artist and poet, paused as he opened his self-published volume of drawings, ceramics, and paintings. “The way I explain it is, […]

Collaborators Peter DeMartino and Julie Hamberg made the ambitious choice to stage an original adaptation of The Master and Margarita. Photo credit: Rammelkamp Foto

Live Arts adapts cult novel

Peter DeMartino might never have spent nine months translating a 1920s Russian novel about Jesus, the devil, and a nine-foot-tall cat into a full-scale theatrical production if not for one strange affinity. “I met Julie [Hamberg, artistic director at Live Arts] after I got to play Edna in Hairspray,” said DeMartino, who works as the […]

If you’re walking down the street on Saturday and see someone modeling a giant poncho, ask how to use your arms as knitting needles. It’ll actually be more common than you think. Publicity image

Knit stop: All you need is Two Arms!

Picture this: It’s a sunny day, and new leaves rustle overhead as you walk along the Downtown Mall. In the distance you see people moving their arms, loaded with cloud- or cocoon-like substances. As you approach, you realize they’re actually knitting, using their arms like needles to weave thick skeins of yarn made from old […]