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Lin Ma is a master of the pipa, a four-string Chinese musical instrument that draws comparisons to the lute. Publicity image

The Charlottesville Chamber Music Festival explores Asian influence

Though beloved by some, chamber music enjoyed its heyday in the 18th century but is less popular today, with the average person possibly knowing little about the classical style beyond its name. Tim Summers has devoted his career to changing that. Co-founding the Charlottesville Chamber Music Festival in 2000 alongside Raphael Bell, (when they were […]

Armed with a background in physics, cartoonist Zach Weinersmith incorporates wit and wisdom into his Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic and his book projects. Image courtesy of the artist

Cartoonist Zach Weinersmith draws humor out of science

If you saw Zach Weinersmith around town, he might not immediately stand out. His thin frame and shoulder-length red hair fits the bill for an average guy in his 30s—he wouldn’t be out of place browsing at New Dominion Bookshop or catching a show at the Jefferson. He’s not out of place at Three Notch’d […]

Pale Blue Dot (from left: Darby Wooten, Drew Pompano, Peter Balogh and Tony LaRocco) opens for the Skip Castro Band at Fridays After Five. Photo by Eze Amos

Pale Blue Dot makes the unknown beautiful

Ever since he was a kid, Tony LaRocco has been enamored with cosmos—both the Carl Sagan show and the concept powering it, seeing the universe as a “well-ordered whole.” It’s an obsession that permeates his musical life, from lyrics to sound choices to the name of his band, Pale Blue Dot, a reference to a […]

David Cross is infamous for his no-holds-barred style of comedy, which can provoke as many gasps as it does guffaws. He performs at The Paramount Theater this Friday. Courtesy of Just For Laughs.

David Cross’ cringe-worthy, cutting-edge humor

In stressful times, as the current American climate could be labeled, many people seek out comedy as a means of release. David Cross might seem like he fits that bill, but only if you can handle some seriously jarring jokes. Known for his “Arrested Development” role as the bumbling Tobias Fünke, his standup routine is […]

United through a Craiglist ad, Sundream. plays at Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar on Thursday. Photo by Jacob Somerrio.

Sundream. rocks hard with an emotional core

Craigslist isn’t just the go-to site for selling your car or finding a place to live—it’s also a surprisingly effective way to start a band. This is the realization John Tosches had last July when he posted on the site to gauge interest in a new musical project. Jordan Chambers describes how he stumbled across […]

Heritage Theatre Festival continues with the classic bunny tale, Harvey, through July 15. Photo: Martyn Kyle

Heritage Theater’s Harvey preserves humor and heart

Who, exactly, is Harvey? Although it’s a central question of this play of the same name, the latest from 2018’s Heritage Theater Festival, perhaps a better one to ask is, Who is Elwood P. Dowd? According to his sister Veta, Elwood is her “biggest heartache.” He is also jobless, a notorious drunk and best friends […]

UVA graduate and drama major Jenny Wales’ first production season as artistic director of the Heritage Theatre Festival includes A Chorus Line, Harvey and The Mountaintop. Photo by Martyn Kyle

Jenny Wales ushers in a new era at Heritage Theatre Festival

By Dan Goff arts@c-ville.com It’s a Friday afternoon at Grit Coffee on Elliewood Avenue. Jenny Wales sits at an outdoor table, one of the few open seats. Finals are fast approaching and the shop is swarming with students. Wales doesn’t seem to mind, and, in fact, seems perfectly at ease—she’s home. “This is my 20-year […]