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Best restaurant wine list 2013: C&O

C&O 515 Water St. E 971-7044 candorestaurant.com Runner-up: Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar 422 E. Main St. 202-7728 commonwealthskybar.com When a champagne cork pops out of the bottle, it reaches a speed of around 40mph. Coincidentally, that’s also how fast readers decide they’d like a glass of vino with their entrée—and C&O makes it easy with […]

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Best bike shop 2013: Blue Ridge Cyclery

Blue Ridge Cyclery 1043 Millmont St. 995-2453 blueridgecyclery.com Runner-up: Blue Wheel Bikes 941 Second St. NE 977-1870 bluewheel.com Before getting into the bike business, Blue Ridge Cyclery owner Shawn Tevendale was a paramedic. Once he fell in love with cycling, he was hooked, and has been a sponsored athlete for eight years, with experience in […]

Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best consignment shop 2013: Glad Rags

Glad Rags 1923 Commonwealth Dr. 979-1816 mygladrags.com Runner-up: Natalie Dressed 1051 Millmont St. 296-6886 nataliedressed.com High-end designers and off-the-rack choices abound at this Commonwealth Avenue shop. In fact, “rags” seems a less-than-complimentary term for the type of things you’ll find at this year’s winner. The accessories on offer are a particular draw; the store stocks […]

Best physical therapist 2013: ACAC Physical Therapy

ACAC Physical Therapy Albemarle Square 817-4278 acacpt.com Runner-up: Pantops Physical Therapy 1490 Pantops Mountain Rd. #202 245-6472 pantopsphysicaltherapy.com What’s the biggest muscle in the human body? The buttocks muscle. We’ll spare you the “pain in the butt” jokes, because physical therapy is no laughing matter. And readers know when they want to get serious about […]

Best chiropractor 2013: Doug Cox

Doug Cox 1006 E. Market St. 293-6165 coxclinic.com Runner-up: Scott Wagner 147 Zan Rd. 978-4888 cvillespineandsportsinjury.com The founder of chiropractics, D.D. Palmer, described the body as a machine and reasoned that the parts could be manipulated to provide a drugless cure. That was in 1896. That mindset is still the driving force behind the industry […]

Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best place for antiques 2013: Circa

Circa 1700 Allied St. 295-5760 circainc.com Runner-up: Consignment House 121 W. Main St. 977-5527 consignmenthouse.net In 2011, a man from Tulsa, Oklahoma, came to PBS’ “Antiques Roadshow” with five Chinese carved cups made from rhinoceros horn and found out that they were worth more than $1 million. He didn’t find them at Circa (though we […]

Best veterinarian 2013: Georgetown Veterinary Hospital

Georgetown Veterinary Hospital 200 Georgetown Way 977-4600 georgetownveterinaryhospital.com Runner-up: Old Dominion Animal Hospital 811 Preston Ave. 971-3500 olddominionanimalhospital.com The 2011-2012 National Pet Owners survey concluded that 62 percent of U.S. households own a pet. That’s a lot, but it’s not surprise to us, considering how many top-notch veterinarians are in the area. Among them, Georgetown […]

Best music venue 2013: The Jefferson Theater

The Jefferson Theater 110 E. Main St. 245-4980 jeffersontheater.com Runner-up: nTelos Wireless Pavilion 700 E. Main St. 245-4910 thenteloswirelesspavilion.com The history of The Jefferson Theater starts with a bang and a whimper: In 1912, it was conceived as a “combination house,” doubling as a vaudeville and silent movie theater. These days, it’s pretty rare to […]

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Best real estate agent 2013: Jamie White

Jamie White 245 Ridge-McIntire Rd., Suite 1 906-3944 belmontcharlottesville.com Runner-up: Bob Hughes 126 Garrett St., Suite D 989-3592 bobhughesteam.com They say that when shopping for a home, you know within 60 seconds of being in a house whether or not you’d feel comfortable living there. That’s O.K. with Jamie White, who will stick with you […]

Best home repair/handyman 2013: Advantage Handyman

Advantage Handyman 817-7222 advantagehandy.com Runner-up: Charlottesville Handyman 760-4263 charlottesvillehandyman.com It’s clear that Advantage Handyman delivers when it comes to contracting, but it’s no stranger to the small stuff either. The contractor can do anything from electrical work and painting to landscaping and cleaning. Russ Melton (a.k.a. Charlottesville Handyman) takes the No. 2 spot. He opened […]

Best dry cleaners 2013: Brown’s Dry Cleaners

Brown’s Dry Cleaners 1135 Millmont St. 296-6285 510 Preston Ave. 296-6285 1326 E. High St. 295-4336 brownsdrycleaners.com Runner-up: Skyline Cleaners 2110 Barracks Rd. 970-1004 skylinecleanersva.com What’s the one thing you should always remember before you take your clothes to the dry cleaners? Empty your pockets. In 1975, President Carter allegedly left the nuclear launch codes […]

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Best car wash 2013: Express Car Wash

Express Car Wash Seminole Square Shopping Center 978-1088 express-carwash.com Runner-up: Clean Machine 101 Riverbend Dr. 971-9274 cleanmachinetouchlesscarwash.com In 1987, Rose Royce’s single “Car Wash” topped Billboard’s Pop and R&B charts in the U.S. And no wonder—people get pretty excited to get their whips sparkling like a diamond. Readers say the best place to do that […]

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Best burger 2013: Citizen Burger Bar

Citizen Burger Bar 212 E. Main St. 979-9944 citizenburgerbar.com Runner-up: Boylan Heights 102 14th St. NW 984-5707 boylan-heights.com In a season four episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” Marshall spends all day trying to locate the best burger he ever had, leading the gang to a hole-in-the-wall spot with a neon red burger sign […]

Best spa 2013: Oasis Day Spa

Oasis Day Spa 103 W. Water St. 244-9667 oasisspacville.com Runner-up: Spa at Boar’s Head 200 Ednam Dr. 972-2253 boarsheadinn.com/spa In the Sultan Ahmet area of Istanbul, a “spa”-like experience consists of lying on a marble slab in a sauna while a woman pours water over your body then scrubs you from head to toe. That […]

Best place for trivia 2013: Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom 1321 W. Main St. 972-9366 mellowmushroom.com Runner-up: Blue Mountain Brewery 9519 Critzers Shop Rd. (Afton) (540) 456-8020 bluemountainbrewery.com Did you know that zebras are technically black with white stripes? If you shaved one, it would be completely black. That’s the kind of thing you need to know if you’re going to succeed at […]

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Kai Rady: The big kid

When Kai Rady came to Charlottesville in 1974 with her growing family, her first real challenge wasn’t finding the right schools or dealing with a picky eater—it was a lack of toy stores. Rady said her first child was a very active and curious infant. “I was always looking for new things to stimulate him,” […]

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Best yoga studio 2013: Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga 109 Fifth St. SE 220-1415 bikramyogacville.com Runner-up: ACAC 200 Four Seasons Dr. 978-7523 111 Monticello Ave. 984-3800 Albemarle Square Shopping Center 978-3800 1015 Heathercroft Cir., Suite 100 (Crozet) 817-2055 acac.com Death Valley, the hottest, driest, and lowest place in North America reaches temperatures well over 120 degrees on the reg. In 1913, one […]

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Best live DJ 2013: DJ Stroud

DJ Stroud djstroud.com Runner-up: Derek Tobler djtobler.com A little-known fact about DJ Stroud? In addition to his love of music, he’s also an avid surfer with a collection of about 15 surfboards and paddleboards. There’s an obvious connection between ocean waves and sound waves, so we’re not surprised his passion for both thrills lands him […]

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Best kebobs 2013: Sticks Kebob Shop

Sticks Kebob Shop 917 Preston Ave. 295-5262 1820 Abbey Rd. 295-5212 stickskebobshop.com Runner-up: Ariana Grill Kabob House 909 W. Main St. 872-9906 arianakabob.com The Turkish words shish kabob literally mean “skewer” and “roast meat.” You can’t get much simpler than that, but, there’s hardly anything simple about readers’ love of kebobs. In fact, it’s so […]