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Best of C-VILLE 2018: Food & Drink

RESTAURANT Lampo Runner-up: The Local Honorable mention: Al Carbon Good things, they say, come in small packages. And the best things come from Lampo. The pint-sized Neapolitan pizzeria opened in 2014 to rave reviews and since then has set the standard for just plain good food in our area. Don’t get us wrong—“just plain good” […]

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Best of C-VILLE 2018: Health & Fitness

KIDS’ PARK IX Art Park Runner-up: Pen Park Honorable mention: Greenleaf Park It isn’t just that IX Art Park, that whimsical wonderland of weird and provocative work on Second Street, stretches the imagination —though it certainly does. But the folks at IX also stretch the bounds of what a park should be: a playground with […]

Best of C-VILLE 2018: Services

Best of C-VILLE 2018: Services

REAL ESTATE COMPANY Nest Realty Runner-up: Story House Real Estate and Montague Miller & Co. (tie) Honorable mention: Loring Woodriff Real Estate Associates If the name Jim Duncan sounds familiar, it’s because the realtor—and Nest founder—has been an agent in our area for nearly 20 years, penning the Real Central VA blog and educating clients about […]

SURJ members serenade diners at Miller’s in 2017 with chants like “Nazi go home.”

Eze Amos

Anti-racists instruct

During the week leading up to the August 11 and 12 anniversary, local anti-racist groups hosted a series of events, including panels on their use of in-your-face tactics and why they believe the First Amendment should not apply to white supremacists. Protesters up the ante UVA religious studies professor Jalane Schmidt opened the August 7 […]

The Brothers Osborne play The Jefferson Theater on Sunday, August 26. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: The Brothers Osborne

Like most great musical innovators, The Brothers Osborne don’t fit neatly into one category. They’re country performers first and foremost, as their drawling voices and lyrics peppered with ain’ts prove. But there’s equal influence from heartland rockers like Bob Seger and Tom Petty in their rollicking, high-energy shows. Sunday, August 26. $44-50, 7:30pm. The Jefferson […]

Sheryl Crow takes the stage Sunday evening at Lockn' Festival at Infinity Downs. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Sheryl Crow

In 1994 Sheryl Crow followed her breakout smash single “All I Wanna Do” by asking, “Are you strong enough to be my man?” Soon after, the private life of the former high school beauty queen became as popular as the numerous hits from the 50 million albums she sold. Crow has been linked romantically to […]

Jacob Lourie releases his debut full-length, Sad Boi Bops Vol. 1, at The Front Porch on Friday, August 24.

ARTS Pick: Jacob Lourie

When you’re an independent musician in a competitive town like Charlottesville, it’s never too soon to get started. Jacob Lourie’s musical career began during his senior year at St. Anne’s-Belfield School. This month heralds his first full-length release, Sad Boi Bops Vol. 1, and it promises to live up to its name with tracks that […]

Nathan Colberg plays songs from his record, Silo, at The Garage on Sunday, August 26.

ARTS Pick: Nathan Colberg and Grant Frazier

Two of UVA’s favorite crooners join forces for a rare, one-night-only show. Nathan Colberg graduated back in 2017, and his music career has quickly gained traction with beautiful, keyboard-driven tracks like “Charlottesville” (understandably, a local favorite), and his first full-length, Silo. Grant Frazier is a rising fourth-year, but he already has a 2016 album under […]

Vulfpeck's Cory Wong plays the Southern on August 15. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: Cory Wong

Indie group Vulfpeck might be known for its sultry vocals, but backing that falsetto are the crazy, unpredictable riffs of Cory Wong. To better showcase his guitar skills, Wong is on a solo tour that combines his serious musical skills with his unique, off-the-wall  comedy. Many of the tracks are likely to be instrumental, but […]

Stavros Halkias let's loose at the Southern on Friday. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: Stavros Halkias

Stavros Halkias is a busy guy. Not only has the comedian toured his stand-up routine alongside artists like Tig Notaro and Tom Papa, he co-hosts a raunchy podcast called Cum Town, and has a scandalous Instagram account, in which the plus-size star likes to pose in as little clothing as possible. Despite the controversy that […]

Venice takes a leading role at the Paramount on Thursday. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: Canaletto & the Art of Venice

Ever wanted to experience Venice from the comfort of a theater seat? Canaletto & the Art of Venice makes that possible with a collection of paintings created by Giovanni Antonio Canal, the renowned city-view painter. The film gives viewers a chance to see Canaletto’s gorgeous depictions alongside vivid shots of the city, which highlight the differences […]

The Jason Burke Band teams up with Bobblehead for gig at the Southern on Saturday. Image: Jack Looney

ARTS Pick: Jason Burke Band and Bobblehead

With so many bands filling local venues, how does one stand out? If you’re Bobblehead, the answer is to be as unique as possible. Boasting influences that range from Devo to The Beatles to Kate Bush, the band is full of surprises, finding creative ways to entertain its audience—even if that means wearing an umbrella […]

Photo by Eze Amos

Berlin, 1933. Charlottesville, 2017

By Herbert Braun I’m tired. I live in our town, this partly bucolic mid-sized college town. I ride my bicycle to work, three miles down Rugby Road, on lovely tree-lined streets, courteous drivers sharing the road with me. And on many days I can just stay home and work. I read books and articles, do […]

ARTS Pick: The Love Language

ARTS Pick: The Love Language

Ranging from lo-fi, energetic acoustic tracks to gleaming songs rooted in pop, The Love Language’s new album, Baby Grand, got rolling with demos made in “a cavernous Virginia hammock factory” before the band’s relocation to the West Coast. Stuart McLamb’s lyrics are elevated by his effortless falsetto, running the gamut of romance with songs of […]

ARTS Pick: Haiku Slam

ARTS Pick: Haiku Slam

Slam poetry gets a lot more fast-paced—not to mention, a lot shorter—with the Southern Gothic Futurist Haiku Slam. Participants must keep their poems to 17 syllables, as required by the original Japanese art form. Reigning champ Raven Mack hosts and competes, going head-to-head with a contender for the crown in a haiku death match that’s […]

ARTS Pick: Hip Hop Showcase

ARTS Pick: Hip Hop Showcase

The artists of Charlottesville are no strangers to creating in response to tragedy—sometimes with mournful works, sometimes with fierce ones. This is Our City Hip-Hop Showcase promises both, with a lineup of talented R&B artists from the city and surrounding areas. Though it starts the day before, the event is expected to spill over into […]

ARTS Pick: Halloween in August

ARTS Pick: Halloween in August

You’ve heard of Christmas in July—now celebrate Halloween in August, and enjoy a serious night of monsters and music. The soundtrack is provided by the dark, appropriately creepy electronic music of Ships In The Night, along with deathrock/horror punk group The Brickbats (if these descriptors confuse you, think Misfits), and local acts Please Don’t Tell […]

City police Chief RaShall Brackney promises a robust police presence but people will still be able to exercise their First, Second and Fourth amendment rights.
staff photo

UPDATED: Anniversary prep: City on lockdown

During the weekend of August 10-12, the anniversary of last summer’s violent and fatal clashes, the city will be on lockdown—and Governor Ralph Northam has already declared a proactive state of emergency. At an August 8 press conference attended by more than a dozen law enforcement and public safety officials, city spokesman Brian Wheeler said […]

The city prepares for the anniversary of last summer's Unite the Right rally. Photo by Eze Amos

Anniversary prep: City on lockdown

During the weekend of August 10-12, the anniversary of last summer’s violent and fatal clashes, the city will be on lockdown—or so it seems. Interim City Manager Mike Murphy today announced additional measures that will affect many people in the downtown Charlottesville area during the Unite the Right anniversary weekend, including closing city parks and […]

Leslie Cockburn captured this screenshot of opponent Denver Riggleman.

In brief: Bigfoot erotica, council infighting (again), white supremacist infighting and more

Bigfoot erotica Fifth District Democratic candidate Leslie Cockburn called opponent Denver Riggleman a devotee of “Bigfoot erotica” because of images of Bigfoot with a black bar over its genitals on Riggleman’s Instagram account. Riggleman, who co-authored a book on the legendary ape-like creature, said the images are a joke from his friends, and returned fire […]

Plucky player Daniel Bachman plays the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar on Friday, August 3.

ARTS Pick: Daniel Bachman

The music of Daniel Bachman is known as American primitive guitar, but some may consider that a misnomer. The complex, plucked arrangements distinctive to the Fredericksburg native are anything but simple. Many of his songs stretch past the 10-minute mark, and some are entirely instrumental. With any other musician, leaving your voice out of your […]

Sons of Bill play songs from their new record, "Oh God Ma'am," at The Jefferson Theater on Saturday, August 4.

ARTS Pick: Sons of Bill

Overcoming injuries, battling “drinking issues” and months at a time on the road would change, possibly derail, most bands. But Sons of Bill put its collective heart on its sleeve and used these challenges to craft its newest album, Oh God Ma’am. Released in June, the record shows an increased maturity in the band’s sound, […]

ARTS Pick: Summer shorts

Founded in 2011, Gorilla Theater stresses the troupe’s efforts at comprehensive inclusion, and with Summer Shorts 2018, that quest includes UVA students. In this production, the theater’s core players work together with student performers and directors to put on shows ranging from the whimsical to the surreal to the intensely dramatic. Through Sunday, August 5. […]