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Our mission is to become involved in the fine art community by participating in events or shows as they happen and sharing our critiques and views. We hope to provide an accessible platform for helping our larger community discover what the Charlottesville art scene has to offer.

Detail of "Ursa I" by Clay Witt. With the authors reflection in the gold leaf background.

C’ville Art Blog: Clay Witt at the Garage

The Garage is primarily recognized as a fun offbeat downtown music venue. However, if you squint and peer behind the lead guitarist, or stumble past on your way to your car on First Fridays, you discover the space also curates monthly art shows. While its shows are fairly difficult to access (the space is closed […]

a.maze installation at Second Street by Hong Seon Jang. With permission of gallery.

Hong Seong Jang’s mostly tiled floor

Material based sculpture can be immensely captivating, transforming everyday and unexpected objects through scale, quantity, and precision of assembly into breathtaking constructions. The untitled work of Hong Seong Jang currently installed at the Second Street Gallery falls into this category. Like many found object works of art, however, it struggles with the contrast between low quality […]

Chanatown, Oil on Canvas - with permission from Mcguffy artist Krista Townsend.

C’ville Art Blog: On painting in Charlottesville

An Op-Ed style manifesto and general response to the McGuffey Summer Show Art in Charlottesville can be characterized by a sort of conservative tameness. Local artists combine quaint country craft with universally pleasing aesthetics to create an experience that is enjoyable but limited to a limbo world of perpetual charm. Limitless talent is channeled into oil, […]

Room With a View by Klaus Anselm - with permission of the artist.

Tapestries by Klaus Anselm and Joan Griffin at McGuffey Art Center

The abstract and stylized tapestries of Klaus Anselm and Joan Griffin, currently on display at the McGuffey Art Center, are indisputably beautiful objects. They have clear pleasing palettes, unexpected bright intense colors, soft surfaces, and an odd but familiar resolution. Anselm’s tapestries are mostly geometric abstractions, overlapping squares, curves, and quadrilaterals that fill each composition. Griffin’s […]

C’ville Art Blog: An Outpost at Chroma Projects

C’ville Art Blog: An Outpost at Chroma Projects

The objects and contraptions assembled in the main gallery at Chroma Projects seem like props from a wild Terry Gilliam film. The sculptural collages are built from found materials, mostly things which look salvaged from roadsides or abandoned lots. Dymph de Wild has made the objects appear functional, meaningful, bizarre, and beautiful. Some of them even […]

Black Prints from Cicada Press

Black Prints from Cicada Press

When first observing the “Black Prints from Cicada Press” at the Kluge Ruhe, the print “let’s be polite about aboriginal art” by Vernon Ah Kee jumps out and sets the stage for the exhibit. The print is a simple black square with an aesthetically arranged column of text. The font is simple, it looks like Arial, […]

A shot from Slumber Party Massacre by Rich Tarbell and Brian Wimer. Image courtesy of the artists.

Slumber Party Massacre: A Screaming Good Time

For the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph, Rich Tarbell and Brian Wimer have created a series of charming and nostalgic narrative photographs. The series, “Slumber Party Massacre,” is essentially a remake of the 1982 film of the same name. Tarbell and Wimer have obviously altered the story and how we view it by shooting photographs rather than film. This […]