CM Gorey

“TORN” at Second Street Gallery will be shown through January 18. Courtesy of the artist.

Hidden figures: The mysterious work of WAXenVINE at Second Street Gallery

By CM Gorey Photography rules our lives now. And unless you’re a staunch Luddite with something to prove, you’re a contributor and a consumer from first coffee cup through alarm-setting before bed. We have transitioned from the point-and-shoot, badly lit grease fests of 1980s homespun glossies to teeming libraries of filters swizzling images into preposterous […]

Fax Ayres’ contemporary, playful and sometimes unsettling photography is captured in “Still” at Chroma Projects through February 28. Courtesy of the artist

The light and dark interplay of Fax Ayres’ imagery

Do we continue to have time to admire the still life? In a world where disposable and looping ultra-high resolution video pops from the phones in our pockets, the composed scenes of the genre require more from our attention. The art form that originated with painting centuries ago has been criticized for nearly as long […]

Legendary director Alfred Hitchcock plays with themes that haunted his entire oeuvre in The Lodger, an early career crime thriller about a serial killer who has it in for London’s blonde women. Courtesy Virginia Film Festival

Visual gems: Black and white film is silver screen gold

In a world where digital theaters project billions of colors in subtle gradations that mimic all the hues of real life, choosing to watch—or produce—a black and white film may be taken as a small act of defiance. For movies shot after the advent of color film, the choice of black and white is often […]

Stacey Evans’ landscape collage “Interdependence” is included in “Ways of Seeing” at
Second Street Gallery. Evans will talk at the gallery on April 27. Courtesy of the artist

Two exhibitions connect through travel at Second Street Gallery

Maybe it’s a cheap conceit for a writer, but there are times when it’s necessary to state the obvious: One of art’s prime functions is to take you somewhere else. In a riveting moment of contemplation, art conveys you to a deeper plane of thought, motivates you to cultivate an unexpected appreciation of the previously […]

Steadily led by stellar comedic talent, the whirlwind three-hour trip to the land of Rundoon smoothly navigates the topsy-turvy plot of Peter and the Starcatcher. Photo by Martyn Kyle

Theater Review: Live Arts’ Peter and the Starcatcher hits the spot

In a new book due out in August, In Search of Stardust: Amazing Micro-Meteorites and Their Terrestrial Imposters, Norwegian musician and amateur scientist Jon Larsen explains how it’s possible for anyone with a microscope to find cosmic debris. He estimates that more than 100 metric tons of alien objects hit our planet every day—and thanks […]

Megan Marlatt’s oversized mask of New York Times art critic Roberta Smith is featured in
“Big Heads and Small Giants,” a collaborative show with Margaret McCann at Les Yeux du Monde through March 26. Courtesy of the artist

Les Yeux du Monde show plays with whimsy and darkness

Overtaking the elegant confines of Les Yeux du Monde gallery, “Big Heads and Small Giants” unleashes a colorful cast of oversized works that dominate their surroundings. Artists Megan Marlatt and Margaret McCann play with color and scale, vividly and often comically depicting cerebral subjects in unnatural hues and improbable arrangements. Though a serious undercurrent concerned […]