CM Gorey

Fax Ayres’ contemporary, playful and sometimes unsettling photography is captured in “Still” at Chroma Projects through February 28. Courtesy of the artist

The light and dark interplay of Fax Ayres’ imagery

Do we continue to have time to admire the still life? In a world where disposable and looping ultra-high resolution video pops from the phones in our pockets, the composed scenes of the genre require more from our attention. The art form that originated with painting centuries ago has been criticized for nearly as long […]

Megan Marlatt’s oversized mask of New York Times art critic Roberta Smith is featured in
“Big Heads and Small Giants,” a collaborative show with Margaret McCann at Les Yeux du Monde through March 26. Courtesy of the artist

Les Yeux du Monde show plays with whimsy and darkness

Overtaking the elegant confines of Les Yeux du Monde gallery, “Big Heads and Small Giants” unleashes a colorful cast of oversized works that dominate their surroundings. Artists Megan Marlatt and Margaret McCann play with color and scale, vividly and often comically depicting cerebral subjects in unnatural hues and improbable arrangements. Though a serious undercurrent concerned […]