Christy Baker


Home, safe home

Up until six months ago, Tara and Andrew Montgomery were struggling to provide a safe and freedom-filled environment...

From the ground up

According to the United States Census Bureau, new home sales are defined as occurring “with the signing of a sales...

Open for business

In what is still a buyers’ market, folks selling their homes are looking for tried and true as well as innovative...

The not-quite empty nest

The Nissleys’ family room is brightly decorated with long strands of paper leaves and several cheerful, cut-out owls....

Off the shelf

Drawings of ponies and dragons frolic across the glass of the large picture window that faces the front of 4-year-old...

June ABODE: Your Kids

Growing room: The great outdoors

May ABODE: Your Kids

Challenge: Helping an older sister keep her sanity

April ABODE: Growing room

Challenge: Providing outdoor space for a small army of boys

March ABODE: Growing room

Challenge: Parenting when everyone's sick and the kids needs something to do!

December ABODE: Your Kids

Cool Uncle Mark's awesome bachelor pad