Dede Smith won. Now what?

Dede Smith won. Now what?

A radiant Dede Smith gladly subjected herself to a whirlwind of affectionate embraces and congratulatory handshakes last Tuesday night at Vivace Restaurant on Ivy Road, moments after the final vote tally revealed she had won one of the three open seats on Charlottesville’s City Council. 

Council's elected Dems design next steps

Kathy Galvin: The Architect Galvin ran a successful City Council campaign on the message of intelligent design, an idea she promoted through her slogan “Greener, Smarter, Stronger by Design.” She believes that developing the city’s growth and entrance corridors appropriately and giving residents the ability to become self-sufficient will help narrow the “pervasive” income and wealth […]

Change of occupation

Thanksgiving may be a time of transition for Occupy Charlottesville. The movement is debating whether to physically decamp from its current base in Lee Park for the winter, with the idea of coming back stronger and better organized in early spring.