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U.S. Senate hopeful Corey Stewart’s campaign stunts included giving away an AR-15 at a gun range in 2016. In February 2017, he held a rally in Charlottesville in support of keeping the Robert E. Lee statue in Emancipation Park.

A-list: Virginia’s GOP legislators stay NRA strong

It’s disappointing that the Virginia legislature didn’t see fit to advance even a sliver of new restrictions on guns, militias and racist, reactionary mayhem during the current session. Not a single bill drafted in response to August 12 made it through for consideration in the other chamber, nor did some 60 gun control-related bills. Plainly, […]

Six of the top 10 highest grossing movies in the U.S. last year were superhero fantasies, earning a tremendous sum of $2.29 billion in box office receipts. We’re desperate to live in these simply drawn stories, eager to watch a powerful guardian—no! the most powerful guardian of all!—rise from the rubble and set things right. But as Roxane Gay has put it so bluntly, in truth no one is coming to save us. Photo credit: Warner Bros

Power to the people: Getting off on the hero myth

“Catnip for reporters.” That’s how Metallica fan and Democratic newcomer Danica Roem described her winning campaign in Virginia’s 13th District last November. She is, after all, the transgender woman who defeated the anti-LGBT incumbent Bob Marshall. Nevermind that her platform was all about lines of stalled traffic and not lines outside bathroom stalls. The simple […]

The Martin Agency, the originator of the state’s famous “Virginia is for Lovers” campaign, was awarded two contracts from the Virginia Tourism Corporation the same day the Richmond Times-Dispatch published allegations of sexual harassment from 17 former Martin employees.

Can we have a word? Year-end doublespeak from state leaders

Three weeks ago on December 15, the Virginia Tourism Corporation awarded two contracts totaling $600,000 annually to the Martin Agency. The big dog of Richmond ad shops will be VA Tourism’s advertising agency of record. On the same day, the Richmond Times-Dispatch published allegations of sexual harassment and other workplace abuses at Martin from 17 […]

The global Women’s March in January 2017 set the tone for women refusing to sit by any longer while their bodies were insulted and their rights hijacked.Photo by: Karen Ballard via ZUMA Wire)

Pussy riot: Women find their voice. Get used to it.

The high-profile sexual harassment cases continue to pile up and I’m reminded of the Emerson String Quartet. The world-renowned musicians can hold audiences rapt with the passion and delicacy of their playing. And yet without fail, when they rest their bows between movements the concert hall will erupt in a chorus of coughing and sputtering […]

Harvey Weinstein didn’t act alone: Several men in Weinstein’s orbit admit they’d heard about Weinstein’s actions from women he allegedly victimized.

Animal instinct: Why do we protect sexual predators?

‘‘You’re expecting too much from people,” my friend Lisa explained to me. “We’re mere animals.” I had been pacing the sidewalk rehearsing the details of the Harvey Weinstein story—at press time, following investigative reports in the New York Times and the New Yorker, more than 50 women have alleged he sexually harassed, abused and in […]

Many protesters at the July KKK rally covered their faces after police used tear gas. 
photo Eze Amos

Some assembly required: UN warns of state efforts to limit protest

How did Richard Stuart, trustee of the Westmoreland County Volunteer Fire Department since 1999, father of three, and 2014 Virginia chapter winner of the American Academy of Pediatrics Child Advocate Award earn the attention of two United Nations Special Rapporteurs concerned with the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly? As Virginia […]

John Adams and Mark Herring. Courtesy photos

Germ of an idea: How to disinfect dirty politics

False equivalence makes me sick. Likely it does the same to you, too, even if you don’t recognize the symptoms. It’s rhetorical MRSA, an indestructible super-bug that infects the mind and body politic. And as has been widely reported, a new strain of contagion took hold on August 15 when the 2016 Electoral College Winner […]

If Desiree Fairooz’s arrest for laughing during Jeff Sessions’ attorney general confirmation hearing demonstrates anything, it’s that law enforcement is irritated by humor. File photo

Extra time and your kiss: New tunes for the resistance

It’s one thing to seek refuge on Twitter if you’re the sort of the sour-toothed administration official who can’t take a joke. It’s another to drag someone through the courts for the offense of laughing at you. And yet, that is exactly what happened to Loudoun County resident Desiree Fairooz after she chortled during Jeff […]

André Hakes and Catherine Gillespie, pictured with their son, received their marriage license from Charlottesville Circuit Court Clerk Llezelle Dugger at about 1:05pm Monday, October 6, making them the first same-sex couple in the city—and most likely the state—to be authorized to wed. They were married minutes later on the courthouse steps. Photo: Brianna LaRocca

Yes, Virginia, gay marriage is legal

Reporting from this previous article contributed to the following story.  Charlottesville Circuit Court Clerk Llezelle Dugger is used to hectic mornings, but this Monday delivered something out of the ordinary. Dozens of cheering locals toting flowers, rainbow flags, and, in a few cases, birth certificates descended on her office around noon, ready to be part of history in […]