Carol Diggs


Blank slate

How do you create a new house? Do you restore, renovate, update (or demolish) an existing structure? Does the lot...

Stepping up

Hospice volunteers honor veterans and celebrate their service

Keeping us covered

Local government and nonprofits mobilize to maintain tree canopy

The full Monticello

Monticello’s “Behind the Scenes” tour offers a fuller picture of life at Jefferson’s iconic home. See the first floor...

Afton Mountain’s grand lady

After more than a century, Swannanoa’s still standing

It’s our home too

Like New Yorkers with the Empire State Building or Washingtonians with their monument, Charlottesville residents may...

The forest for the trees

Rod Walker and Blue Ridge PRISM lead the battle against invasive plants

Why did the bobcat cross the road?

Researchers work together to balance county’s development and biodiversity plans

Go for grand

Historic estate Gallison Hall makes for a stately special day

New home base

A Kenya transplant incorporates African inspiration in Batesville