Caite Hamilton

Caite has been at C-VILLE since 2007, when she started as a part-time proofreader. Over the last 11 years, she's held the positions of Online Editor and Special Sections Editor. Currently the Special Publications Editor of C-VILLE, Caite oversees content in special issues and special publications (ABODE, Knife & Fork, C-VILLE Weddings, Unbound, C-BIZ, and Best of C-VILLE).

Tastes just like homemade (because it is): From sauces to sweet snacks, Charlottesville makers get cookin’

Tastes just like homemade (because it is): From sauces to sweet snacks, Charlottesville makers get cookin’

Maybe our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, but these five cooks, bakers, and concocters make an extra helping hard to resist. It’s all gravy No one knows the phrase “food is an international language” more than Yvonne Cunningham. The sauce-maker developed the recipe for her “Italian gravy” (so-called because it’s so thick) while living in […]

Oakhart Social's Tristan Wraight Photo: Amy Jackson Smith

Food stars—they’re just like us!

Around here, the folks cooking your favorite foods are as close to celebrities as some of us get (unless you’re lucky enough to corner Dave Matthews on the mall). So, for this year’s annual Food & Drink Issue, we decided to take a look behind the scenes—beyond your pork belly tacos and pain de campagne—at […]

Amateur astronomers (and the couple’s photographers) Ryan and Rach found out the Milky Way would be directly over the reception on the wedding night. Once the stars were out, they pulled Patrick and Elliott to the hillside for a few pictures beneath a sparkly sky.  

All in: A community of love buoys a big day

Patrick McGettigan & Elliott Glass September 23, 2017, at Grace Estate Winery Photographs by Ryan & Rach Photography Throughout the night, Patrick and Elliott kept hearing from guests that the love and positivity in the tent was palpable. That was all the affirmation they needed. “From the very beginning,” Patrick says, “our focus had been on […]

Photo: Michael & Carina

Timeless love: Classic details let love shine

Floriza Hernandez & Jerome White September 9, 2017, at Trump Winery Photography by Michael & Carina Men in classic black-and-white tuxes, ladies in champagne. Gilded details, from the invitations to the cake topper. A reception area with high ceilings and extravagant chandeliers. Floriza and Jerome decided early on that they wanted their wedding to be elegant […]

In her own home on Locust Avenue, designer Franny Hurt decided painting the kitchen floor was the best solution to ease the transition from newly installed to old maple floors. Photo: Virginia Hamrick

Floor fashions: Paint isn’t just for walls anymore, says designer Franny Hurt

Though they’ve been around since the 18th century, painted floors (when done right) can be nostalgic, practical and surprisingly modern, says designer Franny Hurt. Back then, they were used in everything from modest farmhouses to Victorian mansions, helping to protect hardwoods before modern sealant was developed. Now they’re more multipurpose, used as a temporary (and […]