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Don’t start your engines

Don’t start your engines

I’m sure Wade Tremblay has many good points and qualities, but if actions speak louder than words, what his business has done to Wertland Street and other areas around UVA demonstrate that his goal is to maximize his number of student rentals at any cost [“Housing authority readies for redevelopment,” Government News, January 22, 2008]. […]

No commitment problem

Since Eastern Mennonite’s WEMC signal on 91.7 FM cannot be heard in Charlottesville, there are now fewer opportunities for Classical music radio listening in the Charlottesville area. [“What’s the frequency, Martha?” 7 Days, January 14, 2007] WVTF would like to let folks know that even though WMRA has abandoned the classical music genre in Charlottesville […]

Blue scare [February 4]

Blue scare [February 4]

Frothy-mouthed carpetbagging liberals are raising their skinny fair-trade lattes this morning, in a toast to the news that Frank Perriello, Democratic challenger to Republican Congressman Virgil Goode, raised more money than the incumbent in calendar year 2007.

Time warp

I have some comments regarding Scott Weaver’s interesting article about Monticello [“Monticello shows ‘green’ is old news”] in the Development News section of the January 15-21 issue. Actually, I was wondering if he was pulling our leg when he wrote, “…TJ switched out standard candles for argon and whale oil candles…”  Or, possibly his source […]

The answer woman

I am writing to respond to the question “Where…are the Jews?” in a recent rant [The Rant, January 8, 2007]. Congregation Beth Israel was founded in Charlottesville in 1882. The congregation currently has more than 400 members who attend Reform services on Friday nights or lay-led Conservative services on Saturday mornings. CBI also serves as […]

The sense in no-nonsense

Thanks for the article on the closing of Crow Pool [“Crow Pool likely to fly the coop,” Development News, January 1, 2008], which captured the spirit of a no-nonsense but beloved facility that many of us will indeed miss when it is gone. As you point out, it “ain’t that broke.” Sigh. Lisa GoffCharlottesville The […]

Tuba happy

I am writing concerning the article in your December 18-24 edition of the C-VILLE Weekly covered by Jayson Whitehead [“Supporting the troops,” Government News]. I am wondering if he saw the USO Show. I am referring to his lack of knowledge of musical instruments. To quote Mr. Whitehead, “‘1-2-3-4,’ an older lady on keyboards counts […]

Come ride with me

I was pleasantly surprised to find that an employee of the North Anna Nuclear Power Plant and I agree on an important issue facing Virginia ["Go nuclear," Mailbag, December 4, 2007]. Michael Stuart is correct that coal fire power plants pollute our air, endanger our health, cause the destruction of our mountains, and contribute to […]

I dream of Dennis

I dream of Dennis

While Nafta and the WTO are important, the most significant issue that is rarely talked about is the issue of nuclear weapons, and what this bodes for all of us. Representative Dennis Kucinich is on record with his position that he will take the steps necessary to end the threat that we face from the […]

A win is a win

"Trending Blue" [November 13, 2007] was a terrific recap of the recent elections, full of interesting information and comparisons among the candidates. But I was struck by the absence of the candidate who probably won more votes—or a higher percentage of the votes—than any other candidate: Delegate David Toscano. Yes, he ran unopposed, but that […]

The power of myth

In "What a difference a day makes" [October 23, 2007], it is suggested that taxes would go up under the supervisor challengers Mallek and Joseph, vs. the pro-growth incumbents Wyant and Boyd. This doesn’t square with my experience. I have lived in several different communities, both stable and high-growth areas, and in two different states. […]

Bad times come again no more

Planned Parenthood is the perfect place for people to pray for the end of abortion["Anti-choice crowd camps out at clinic," Government News, October 9, 2007], because that’s what Planned Parenthood is all about! Access to accurate information and general health care, as well as contraception are how Planned Parenthood works to reduce the need for […]

The meat of the problem

Concerning your article "Double H farmers busted for selling pork" [Government News, October 2, 2007], the arrest of Richard Bean and Jean Rinaldi has nothing to do with food safety and everything to do with culture and politics. The question all consumers should be asking is this: Why is it legal for corporate factory farms […]

The Spirit moves her

This letter is in response to the Curtain Calls write-up about my involvement with this year’s Spirit Walk [“Watch and learn,” September 25, 2007]. The reference to community theater and Waiting for Guffman was a joke that, in print, could be misconstrued without context to be hurtful and alienating to theater groups in our area. […]

We Ate Here

Curious to see just what has replaced “jabercrusties” after the lightning-quick renovation of the old Jabberwocky space on the Corner, we trooped down to three for dinner. The open floor plan and modern, stainless steel design of the bar is warmed up by lots of light wooden panels and cozy booths. On the menu, the […]

Media bliss

I just want to say a personal thank you for a very well-written, beautiful article [“Group works to diversify teaching pool,” Government News, September 18, 2007]. We strongly believe that our program will benefit the youth in our area. Diversity works positively for everyone.Thanks so much, again. Enid KriegerBoard SecretaryAfrican-American Teaching Fellows of Charlottesville-Albemarle

Red scare

Thank you for the article on the project proposed for the current RSC site at West Main and Ridge/McIntire [“City ‘asks’ for more affordable housing,” Development News, September 4, 2007]. You were very diplomatic in your article when you addressed the city’s “request“ that the developer contribute more. Perhaps that is the mark of a […]

First things first

I tried calling in these thoughts to The Rant, but they never got published. So this is a second try to get across and I don’t care whether it’s published or not. First, I want to say that the Rants column is super. Where else can you read unvarnished comments from the people on the […]

Rising out of the Marsh

Rising out of the Marsh

If the Republicans and right-leaning voters listened to the philosophy of evangelical Christian and UVA educator Charles Marsh ["Prof to evangelicals: quit politicking," UVA News, July 31, 2007], we would lose every election from hereon everafter! Please keep the history of the Christian Left alive in any of your articles and interviews as you prepare […]

Girls and guys gotta eat

Thank you for your recent feature article on Community Food Systems ["Food fights," July 10, 2007]. I wanted to provide additional information aimed at strengthening our community-based food system (and national security too). Your article described well the benefits of local foods. You asked, "Seem confusing?" Not really. You are what you eat, and everyone […]

Our fair article

I am writing to express my appreciation for the feature article of last week’s issue, "Food Fights" [July 10, 2007]. I believe that Meg McEvoy did a good job of capturing many of the aspects of the local foods movement. Since this subject is easily one of the most important issues (and problems) of today, […]