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No brainer

Ms. Harding: I just returned from a week away from town to read the July 22, 2008 issue of C-VILLE. In your piece “Read this first,” I think you kindly referred to my fans and their praise for my work. However, I was not totally certain that you were referring to me, as my name […]

Majority report

Majority report As a victim of a violent assault in Charlottesville, a hundred feet from my apartment last summer, I feel as though I have a personal stake in the question you posed in this week’s C-VILLE, “Does Charlottesville Have a Gang Problem?” [July 8, 2008]. Yet I was disappointed by your approach to the […]

Phoning it in

Phoning it in The June 24th city Planning Commission discussion of placement of Verizon’s cell phone towers on school property was misdirected [“City can’t consider cell tower health risks,” Government News, July 1, 2008]. The discussion focused entirely on the aesthetics of the towers, rather than the primary issue of why to overturn the city’s […]

Don't say maybe

Don’t say maybe Thank you for your article this week in response to a letter commenting on the egregious state of housing for the homeless in town [Read This First, June 10, 2008]. I appreciate C-VILLE Weekly covering this issue this last year. I am dumbfounded how a council that cares so much about “social […]

The loneliest number

The loneliest number In response to Katherine Ludwig’s lovely profile of Donna Vinal, CNM [“On hand from the first breath,” June 17, 2008], I am compelled to note that contrary to Ms. Ludwig’s assertions, there are, in fact, several certified nurse midwives (CNMs) working in Charlottesville.  To my knowledge, Donna is the only CNM currently […]

Grading the score card

As a registered sex offender simply trying to live, I am well aware that those so registered win no beauty contests in the arena of public discourse. We are systematically marginalized, if not gleefully so, and finessed to live like pariahs, if even afforded that indignity. And while there exist those who feel as if […]

Pillow talk

I’d like to know what wine or beer paired best with that “feathery pillow” of a hamburger [We Ate Here, May 27, 2008], or is it perhaps best downed with lots and lots of water? And velvety as well, was it? Personally, I like my hamburgers meaty. Gr-r-r-r. Steve MurphyCharlottesville Bare essential So Hope Community Center […]

Virtuous reality

Virtuous reality One is always happy to see that the free expression of ideas is still defended in Mr. Jefferson’s county but, good grief, does the Rutherford Institute [“‘Virginity Rocks’ t-shirts spark Albemarle High controversy,” News from This Just In, May 13, 2008] have nothing better to do with its time than defend the right […]

Fair in the Square

We are regular readers of C-VILLE and part-time residents of Charlottesville. We have owned a condo in Walker Square for two years. The caption with the photograph of Walker Square in your “Fifeville’s future” article [May 6, 2008] is very misleading. The caption said that “Many Walker Square residents, however, seem to eschew the neighborhood […]

Cavaliers feel ’crosse [April 27]

The Duke men’s lacrosse team had the psychological edge from Thursday night onwards, when the Blue Devils’ entire attack unit was named to the All Atlantic Coastal Conference team during a ceremony to kick off the weekend’s 2008 ACC lacrosse championships at UVA. Despite a handful of goals from midfielder Brian Carroll and attacker Ben […]

The 99 percent solution

I just read that the lease for Casella’s is not being renewed [Restaurantarama, March 18, 2007]. Nine years ago we moved from Connecticut to Orange, and on our first visit to Charlottesville, we ate at Casella’s and have continued to eat there 99 percent of the time. In New England we ate in many famous […]

Wonderful world

Your editorial on the backpedaling of The Cavalier Daily on their offensive comic strip [Read This First, March 18, 2007] was most interesting. You are right, Christians do sometimes lose their heads when their faith is assaulted, but isn’t it wonderful that with Christians at least the cartoonists don’t lose theirs? Jeanne HamiltonBath County Opposing […]

Living in a vacuum

Living in a vacuum Your article on why paperless isn’t happening [“Between the sheets, February 26, 2008] reminded me of a story I heard about the introduction of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner was intended to make keeping floors and carpets clean easier, more effective, more efficient, faster. Instead, it raised the standard of […]

Inside story

I am a general population inmate at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail and I’m compelled to respond to the rant in the February 26 issue of C-VILLE regarding a caller’s alleged “pampered with pizza, candy and Super Bowl TV” treatment of the local inmates. This “absolutely horrified” ranter compares the local jail to a “daycare” facility, and […]

Risky business

Boris Starosta: The issue of creeping across the stop bar at an intersection, while trying to make a left turn in front of on-coming traffic is inherently dangerous [“Intersection rage,” Mailbag, February 12, 2008]. Although our politicians haven’t written and passed a specific law prohibiting this behavior, it is aggressive and risky. Virginia Traffic Code (46.2-846) […]