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Rene Thornton Jr. plays the lead role in Timon of Athens. The play serves as ASC’s completion of Shakespeare’s canon.

Interview: The American Shakespeare Center doubles down

The American Shakespeare Center in Staunton reached two milestones this season: the quarter-century mark and the completion of Shakespeare’s canon. All but two of the 38 plays we attribute to Shakespeare were published in the First Folio in 1623, and with its current production of Timon of Athens, ASC can claim performances of all of […]

Balto has the folk rock community abuzz about it’s well-crafted, socially concious, emotional balladry. Publicity photo.

ARTS Pick: Balto

Hidden monuments Portland, Oregon-based folk collective Balto has been called “the band everyone should have heard of, but nobody has.” All that anonymity may be on the brink of dissipation, as the group heads east with a suitcase full of tunes from its latest EP, Monuments. The album was recorded in an old church over three days in […]

Jenn Downey, Chris Patrick, and Claire Chandler star in a farce-fueled spin on 1660s counter-culture in Liz Duffy Adams’ comedy of manners, Or,. Photo courtesy Live Arts.

Spy games: Live Arts’ Or, explores the life and loves of Aphra Behn

Liz Duffy Adams’ Or, is Live Arts’ latest offering, a deftly minced hodge-podge of a play, primarily consisting of what may be incompletely described as a retroactively considered Restoration comedy. Now, when was the last time you had a serious hankering for a Restoration comedy? Some ambivalent theater-goers find Shakespeare intimidating and obscure (they shouldn’t, […]

The documentary Girl Rising reveals the inspiring effect of breaking through roadblocks to educate young girls around the world. Photo: Martha Adams

ARTS Pick: Girl Rising

In honor of International Women’s Day, founders of Teen Tech Girls and Feast! have teamed up using Gathr to host a screening of Academy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins’ highly-acclaimed new film, Girl Rising.

The dynamic modern dance company Pilobolus has been stretching the limitations of the human form for more than 40 years. Photo: Grant Halverson

ARTS Pick: Pilobolus

O.K. let’s go Pilobolus is a dance company named after a fungus, and since its inception in the early ’70s, its mission has always been to live up to its namesake by pursuing a unique and organic approach to movement performance. To kick off a UVA residency featuring a series of student workshops, the touring […]

Brad Frazier (right) and Sandi Carroll star in the UVA Drama Department’s production of Jenny Schwartz’s God’s Ear. Photo credit: Michael Bailey.

ARTS Pick: God’s Ear

The best new plays are always hard to categorize, and Jenny Schwartz’s God’s Ear is no exception. Staged by UVA’s drama department, it is a powerful and intentionally disjointed examination of deep loss and finding ways to cope.

Paula Poundstone riddles off a stream of astute cat jokes and sociopolitical sarcasm at the Paramount. Publicity photo.

ARTS Pick: Paula Poundstone

Catty lady If you can’t quite place Paula Poundstone, try imagining her with a red brick wall behind her while she dishes out a brilliantly composed cat joke. There’s also a pretty good chance you’ve heard her yucking it up as a regular panelist on NPR’s “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me.” Poundstone holds the honor […]

LuchaDora pairs up with Black Heart Valentine Club for an evening of rock aimed at cleansing the residual sweetness of Valentine’s Day from your soul. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

The evening after In an age where we strive to make sure no one feels left out, it’s important to remember the cynical, love-hating, ne’er-do-wells among us and make sure they get their party as well. The Southern’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Party—an evening dedicated to countering the cloying schmaltz of lovers in love—features local masters of […]

PVCC Drama teams up with the Hamner Theater to offer up one of the greatest classic, muddled-up love stories in history. Image: J.Stoll

ARTS Pick: The Winter’s Tale

Leaping nimbly from intense psychological anguish to giddy, fool-inspired revelry across a plot that covers over 16 years and two disparate countries, Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale blows the game wide open with a complex examination of jealousy and regret on one hand, and farcical comedy resulting in a plethora of marriages on the other,

Live Arts’ Speech & Debate takes a fearless route to highly entertaining and hilarious theater. Photo credit: Marty Moore

ARTS Pick: Speech & Debate

Dealing with heavy themes like sex, money, trust, and the nebulous transition from adolescence to adulthood, Speech & Debate doesn’t pull any punches just because the roles are played by teenagers.

Skillfully crafted pop-folk is on the menu when Anna Vogelzang plays the Blue Moon Diner on Friday. Photo credit: Shervin Lainez.

ARTS Pick: Anna Vogelzang

Powerful yet coy vocals and astute songwriting are the definitive traits in folk balladeer Anna Vogelzang’s music. And as for evidence of her industry cred, she works with some of current music’s kick ass players.

Clarence Greenwood has built a fervent following performing under the stage name Citizen Cope.

ARTS Pick: Citizen Cope

Citizen Cope’s music has been covered and recorded by Carlos Santana, Sheryl Crow, Slipknot, Dido, and Richie Havens, to name a few, and his songs have been featured in dozens of T.V. shows and movies

Virtuoso pianist Misha Dichter performs with the esteemed St. Petersburg Quartet at Old Cabell Hall. Image: Stefan Cohen

Prestigious pianist Misha Dichter at the Tuesday Evening Concert Series

To say Misha Dichter is a living legend would actually be an understatement. The first major accolade of his five decade-spanning career came in 1966 at the tender age of 20, with a surprise silver medal at the 1966 Tchaikovsky Competition as a virtual unknown, and on that day his star began an ascent that would include international critical acclaim, prestigious honors including the hallowed “Grand Prix International du Disque Liszt” for his Liszt piano transcriptions, various influential recordings, and collaborations with essentially every major orchestra on the planet.

Ruffin Gallery’s “Terrestrial Transmissions” traces outreach efforts to our alien neighbors in a group exhibition that includes work by Julia Oldham (above).
Julia Oldham

ARTS Pick: Terrestrial Transmissions

Man needs space Floating around on our little rock in big, empty space, it’s only natural that the human race gets a little lonely. “Terrestrial Transmissions” is a gallery show inspired by this intergalactic longing for company, examining and interpreting the various attempts throughout history to communicate with the “alien other” through not only technology, […]

Akintunde stands tall on his personal principles and shines a light on his faith through family-friendly comedy. (Publicity photo)

ARTS Pick: Akintunde

Rising to the occasion is Akintunde, whose goal to revolutionize the Christian entertainment industry results in a stand-up routine carefully balanced between edgy and family-friendly.

Peace activist Rosalie Riegle discusses her recent works on the non-violent resistance of war. Image:Bob Fitch

ARTS Pick: Rosalie Riegle

Author Rosalie Riegle has collected the stories of over 75 peace-seekers in her book Doing Time for Peace: Resistance, Family, and Community, and details the actions of conscientious objectors, faith-based activists, and other pacifists and the resulting consequences of their decisions to oppose participation in armed conflicts, often resulting in prison terms.