Ranking cats and dogs

Online networking sites have clearly taken over the Internet. First there was Myspace and Facebook, which quickly became all the rage among status-conscious teens and bored college kids. Next, working professionals started to jump on the bandwagon with sites like In the middle of this growing Internet friendship frenzy, I guess it was just […]

Campaign website wars

Last week, Fifth District Republican Congressman Virgil Goode (the incumbent) and his Democratic challenger, Al Weed, appeared together at Charlottesville’s Senior Center (see pg. 17). To mark this 2006 campaign milestone, Hit This Site decided to take a look at just how in-tune the two candidates are with the district’s technology-savvy constituents. And so we […]

From uncool to super-hip in 10 seconds or less

The concept of “cool” makes many of us cringe. As kids, we pined over the popular kid’s next-generation backpack or flashy Trapper Keeper; as adults we lust after high-tech cell phones and ultraluxurious cars (wait, your car doesn’t give directions and make you coffee? That’s like, so 2005). For the überhip among us, the quest […]

“Your own personal Internet” threatened! “It’s not a truck,” insists Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) during his long, rambling explanation of “the Internets.” This statement, and others like it, has made Stevens the laughingstock of every techie blog out there (which are accessible, Stevens assures us, through a “series of tubes,” in case you were wondering). All jokes aside, however, […]

Freshmaker + diet cola = fun!

O.K., I admit it—YouTube is so six months ago. By now, even my grandmother has probably watched a video of a few thrill-seeking guys attempting some ridiculous stunt (most likely involving an explosion and the exclamation “sweet, man!”). Though online video sharing isn’t exactly breakthrough news, is so ridiculously addictive that we couldn’t help but give it some (much-coveted) Hit This Site attention.

Sister City check-in

Charlottesville is trying hard not to lose touch with its relatives, but with three official “sister cities,” that can sometimes be a tough job. For those not completely sibling-savvy, Charlottesville has three “sisters” through the Sister Cities International program, a “nonprofit citizen diplomacy network” that links cities globally.     Our oldest relationship is with the […]

Inquiring children want to know

In case you\’ve been living under a rock (or a giant asteroid), Al Gore\’s An Inconvenient Truth has been tearing into theaters recently, leaving a heated global warming debate in its wake. But how “real” is this whole global warming thing, anyway? Well, to make sure that kids have the right facts, the Environmental Protection Agency is offering a cheerful website that helps concerned youngsters learn more about the science of global warming.

Every kid’s worst nightmare: mixing candy and history

Chocolate may be an aphrodisiac, but now, thanks to Mars, Inc., it has another, more educational function: history lessons. To sweeten the deal, the company (which, according to the release, “has played a sweet role in American history”) even incorporated our very own Thomas Jefferson, the nation’s third president, into the gooey mix.    The famed […]

You’re not in Kansas anymore

Yet another sign that our cozy little town is, in fact, big-city material: the notorious online swap meet (and meat market) Craigslist has finally come to Char-lottesville. The popular online classified site is the brainchild of Craig Newmark, who started the service in 1995 in the San Francisco area. Five years later, Boston got its […]

The countdown begins…, the procrastinator\’s heaven, offers yet another way for slackers to pass the workday more quickly (aside from setting up an online lemonade stand or creating a virtual pizza for your friends, which are my personal favorites). Now you can find out how long you\’ll live\’for free!

Playing with pictures

Graphic artists (and photo nerds) have always enjoyed browsing the vast image archive at Getty Images. Well, the browsing just got a whole lot trippier. Linked off of Getty’s “Creative” search page (by way of some hypnotizing little neon graphics) is “10 Ways,” an experimental online funhouse that allows visitors to “explore” different dimensions of […]