The bite club

Q: Ace, I heard a rumor that an animal with rabies was caught in City limits last week, supposedly the first one in a really long time. But we hear about rabies pretty frequently. What’s the deal—was there a rabies case, and if so, is it really all that rare?—Diz Ease A:Charlottesville animal control officer […]

Simply the nest

Q: Hello Ace. Every day that I drive to work, I see a sign that piques my curiosity. Coming from the south, driving north on Monticello Ave/20S after the 64W exit, there is a small sign on the right that says “Bird Sanctuary.” Where? How is this possible? Does it just mean the small clump […]

Kick in the jazz

Q:Dear Ace, What happened to Charlottesville radio station Mix 107.5? There seem to be no DJs on the air since March 5 and the music selection has changed. Any information would be greatly appreciated!—All Mixed Up A:Don’t touch that dial, Mixed—it wouldn’t do any good. Mix 107.5 has gone through what those in the biz […]

By the booking

Q: Ace, last week I went to Starr Hill to see this Led Zeppelin tribute band, and I was really looking forward to seeing local B-boys Frontbutt. When I got there I found out the ’Butt had been booted. I wanna know what happened, but I’m even more curious about how local bands get booked […]

Air apparent

Q: Dear Ace, what is going on south of the airport on Earlysville Road? More runways? And there’s a lovely tree with a fence around it, so whatever is happening, I assume the tree stays. Thanks for any info.—Anne Arbor A: While business at the Charlottesville- Albemarle Airport has certainly taken off since it was […]

If you can make it there…

Q: Hey Ace, I love Charlottesville and all, but sometimes you just need to get out of town and into the real center of the universe. I’m talking about the city so nice they named it twice, New York, New York. What’s the best way to get from here to there?—Manny Hattan A: The lights, […]

Black Listed

Q: Ace, it seems like every structure at UVA bears the name of some wealthy, white member of The Establishment—probably the plantation owner whose slaves laid the bricks. Is the whole campus whitewashed or are there any buildings named after African Americans?—Ro Tunda A:Good question, Ro. After all, what fresh-faced undergrad hasn’t spent many ponderous […]

Varsity Hall: On the move

Q: Ace, I read in The Cavalier Daily recently that a building at UVA is going to be moved—the whole building, mind you—sometime this summer. Aside from the question of how it’s possible to move an entire structure, when is this happening, and what does this mean for traffic around the University when it does?—Driver […]

Out of the park

Q: Hey Ace, I hear that the free parking lot next to C&O was recently bought and will soon be turned into some big construction project? True?—Lots of luck A: True, Lots. The parking lot on the corner of Water and Fifth streets has been purchased and is slated for development, meaning that the final […]

10:10: Watch the hands

Q: Hey Ace, I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this, but every ad in a magazine that I have ever seen always shows a time of 10 minutes after 10. Even with weird watches with separate hour and minute hands, they still show 10 after 10. Whassup?—Chris Chronos A:While Ace isn’t entirely sure what […]

Arresting Development

Q: Ace, to what extent can someone take the law into their own hands? Are citizen’s arrests or citations legal in Virginia? Can I bust someone for littering or parking in the fire lane if they are returning videos or going to the liquor store? What about more serious crimes when you know the police […]

Best and Brightest

Q: Ace, driving down the 250 Bypass the other night I was blinded by the parking lot lights of our new neighbor, Best Buy. Isn’t there a City code that prevents light pollution? Who approved them or were they missed in the process? Put your investigative skills to work and let us know!—Dazed & Confused […]

Come sale away

Q: Ace, now that the holiday shopping season is over, everywhere I look there are huge sales going on at all the big stores. What gives? I know this happens in the retail industry every year at this time, but I don’t know why. Why?—Bill Sayles A: As you noted, Bill, with the last week […]

Just the facts

Q: Who the heck are you, Ace, and how do you know so much?  A: The details of Ace’s life are quite inconsequential. But, since you asked (and Ace never could resist a question), he’ll give you the need-to-know details. Ace was found on a dark and stormy night on the doorstep of Albemarle County […]