Sean Rubin will sign copies of his graphic novel Bolivar at Telegraph on November 15 to benefit The Haven. Courtesy of the artist

Bolivar the dinosaur hides out in New York

Imagine you live in Manhattan on West 78th Street and your neighbor is a dinosaur. The problem is, no one believes you. This is the premise for Bolivar, Sean Rubin’s debut graphic novel in which a large gray dinosaur living in New York speaks English, reads the New Yorker, orders corned beef sandwiches and visits […]

Susan Munson has been playing music in central Virginia for more than 20 years. She celebrates her latest release, Halfway to Anywhere, on Friday. Publicity photos

Susan Munson is one of the area’s most prolific musicians

When Susan Munson was a kid growing up in Charlottesville, any time she had something to tell somebody, she’d write them a poem. She’d give it to them too, either hand-delivering the written verse or reading it to them herself. It was the earliest manifestation of Munson’s songwriting impulse, which has her writing more songs […]

ARTS Pick: Hiroya Tsukamoto

ARTS Pick: Hiroya Tsukamoto

In a small town in the heart of Japan, 13-year-old Hiroya Tsukamoto discovered the banjo and taught himself to play bluegrass tunes for his dad, who was a fan of traditional Appalachian music. He went on to master the guitar, and in 1999 Tsukamoto won a scholarship to the Berklee School of Music, which brought […]

The Can-do Attitude performs Friday at The Ante Room. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: The Can-Do Attitude

Is there anything left to be said about life, death, food, money and love? Local folk-punk band The Can-Do Attitude thinks there’s always something new and delightfully weird to discover, making its case with tracks like “Popcorn” (“One day we’ll hit an asteroid and all of the corn will be popped / One day we’ll […]

Alicia Bognanno leads the grunge-pop band Bully. Publicity photo

Bully frontwoman talks audio engineering, screaming and Losing

There’s something Alicia Bognanno of the Nashville-based grunge-pop act Bully wants to get off her chest. Her latest album, Losing, released on October 20 via Sub Pop, is not a breakup record. “I want to scream that to the top of my lungs,” says Bognanno, who easily could. The 27-year-old singer/songwriter/audio engineer/producer frequently screams lamenting […]