Wolfman’s Got Nards, Andre Gower’s love letter to cult classic The Monster Squad (shown here), screens Tuesday at the Alamo. Image courtesy TriStar Pictures/Everett Collection

ARTS Pick: Wolfman’s Got Nards

Monster smash: When it was released in 1987, The Monster Squad was deemed a monster dud. But during a series of anniversary screenings and Q&As 30 years later, the cast and crew were shocked and delighted to learn that the horror film had become a cult classic. That realization inspired Andre Gower, one of the […]

Laura Wooten's "Alentejo" series (this is "Alentejo 5") is now on view in the "She's in Monochrome" show at Second Street Gallery. Image courtesy Second Street Gallery

In Living Black and White—with Shades of Gray: Colorless Expression Proves Lively in Second Street Gallery’s “She’s in Monochrome”

What do we really see when hues are subdued, diminished, or deleted outright? Tough question. If you’re like me—colorblind—that’s kind of how you go through life. Art’s power when deprived of its full spectrum of possibility is difficult to gauge, since most of us who live the difference are simply born this way and have […]

Katie Toupin (formerly of Houndmouth) brings her catchy hooks to the Southern on Monday. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Katie Toupin

Western lights: Katie Toupin is not forthcoming about her split with the alt-blues band Houndmouth, but it’s clear that the breakup spurred a new creative direction. The keyboardist left Kentucky to launch a solo career in Los Angeles, and she stepped up to the mic to put her own poetry into song on 2018’s Moroccan […]

At The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative on Thursday, Company Aiello tells old stories in a new light through puppetry and musical accompaniment. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Company Aiello

Handy advice: In the theatrical tradition of Italy’s commedia dell’arte, Company Aiello tells old stories in a new light through puppetry and musical accompaniment. Main character Spazzolino is a good-hearted prankster who only wants two things: “a mountain of beans to eat and justice for everyone.” Company founder Angelo Aiello is an inventive puppeteer who […]

Fingerstyle guitarist Bill Mize plays the Prism Coffeehouse Series Friday night. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Bill Mize

Listen in: “I received most of my musical education from a cheap Zenith radio,” says fingerstyle guitarist Bill Mize. Growing up in Tennessee with proximity to the area’s musical riches had a clear influence on Mize’s mastery of acoustic instrumentals. He is a past winner of the National Fingerstyle Guitar Competition at The Walnut Valley […]

Gabriel Allan while at work on his sculpture “The Messenger,” circa 2007. Image courtesy of the Allan family

October galleries

An artist’s journey The night Alp Isin heard that his friend and fellow artist Gabriel Allan passed away, he couldn’t stop thinking about Allan’s sculptures. Though Isin had seen “a bunch” of Allan’s pieces, covering a range of times and places, he “wasn’t sure what the totality was. That day, that night, I got this […]