ARTS Picks: Simplicity

Cora Dance Cora Dance

In addition to flowering trees and early morning bird songs, spring is the time for a bounty of annual student concerts, exhibitions, and performances for the lucky public. PVCC’s spring dance concert, “Simplicity,” features original jazz, salsa, contemporary, and hip-hop choreography by students and faculty. It may be your only chance to catch a performance of “Destinations” by guest artist Shannon Hummel, artistic director of Cora Dance in Brooklyn, New York, created during her residency earlier this year. If “vivid dances that lay bare the intimate underpinnings of what we think and feel” sounds intriguing, leap, don’t walk, to the Maxwell Theatre.

Wednesday-Saturday 5/1-4 $5, times vary. Maxwell Theatre (Black Box), PVCC, 501 College Dr. 295-6632.