ARTS Pick: The Sally Rose Band and Erin and the Wildfire


Everyone knows that girls rule and boys…well, boys, too, will be wildly entertained by The Sally Rose Band and Erin and the Wildfire, two of Charlottesville’s most prominent female-led outfits. Sally Rose’s saucy Southern rock tunes about witches and ghosts, heartaches and moons, are packed with mother-daughter blood harmonies, good old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll riffs and plenty of attitude. Erin and the Wildfire strikes an energetic blend of rock, blues, folk and soul against passionate, powerful female vocals to spark an uncontrollable flame within the heartful listener (don’t even try to snuff it out; you won’t be able to).

Saturday, October 1. Free, 5pm. IX Art Park, 963 Second St. SE.

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