ARTS Pick: Raunchy Love Letters

Image: Wikimedia Commons Image: Wikimedia Commons

Reading into it

For those who would gladly toss out the flowers, pink teddy bears, and heart-shaped greeting cards, your redemption lies in Raunchy Love Letters. Hosted by Scheherazade, the open reading series features spoken word performances and old-fashioned storytelling with short works by local talents. Past years have included everything from break-up e-mails to the bonding of soul mates, salacious verses about lady parts, and “Tom Cruise whack-jobs.” Broken-hearted playwrights, forlorn poets, and lovers of all the anguished arts are welcome to participate in a night of heartfelt, and often gut-wrenching, candor.

Thursday 2/14 $5, 7pm. The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, 209 Monticello Rd. 984-5669.