ARTS Pick: JONI 75

Celebrate Joni Mitchell's 75th birthday with a screening at the Paramount. Publicity Image.

People’s parties: The one and only Joni Mitchell—the legendary musician behind the iconic songs “Free Man in Paris,” “Help Me,” and “Big Yellow Taxi”—turned 75 years old last November, and the occasion didn’t pass quietly. JONI 75 is a concert celebration of Mitchell’s career from Canada to California, with a diverse
list of guest artists including Brandi Carlile, Seal, and Rufus Wainwright. Filmed at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles in 2018, the footage captures an emotional night as sweet as birthday cake.

Thursday 2/7  $10.50-14.50, 7pm. The Paramount Theater, 215 E. Main St., Downtown Mall. 979-1333.