ARTS Picks: George Melvin Tribute at Fellini’s #9

Photo Fellini's #9 Photo Fellini’s #9

It’s been four years since we lost George Melvin, but the mark he made on the local jazz scene remains indelible. An accomplished touring musician, bandleader, and all around entertainer, Melvin delighted audiences for over 40 years. Matty Metcalfe kicks off the George Melvin Tribute, followed by performances from Sammy Horn, Skip Haga and the Bees 3, Betty Jo Dominick and Friends, Art Wheeler, Robert Jospé and Butch Taylor, along with the requisite appearance of Miss Lucy, the Hammond B3 organ on which Melvin made his memorable magic.

Saturday 5/25  $5, 5pm. Fellini’s #9, 200 W. Market St., 979-4279.