Animal magnetism: Charlottesville street style


Photo: Natasha Kalergis Photo: Natasha Kalergis

Leather and fur—faux or real—can be as diverse in personality as the people who wear them. Who do you want to be today?

I stopped VCU student SAMANTHA to get a look at her leather as she was walking on the Downtown Mall with a friend. She pulled off this outfit with a bravado that only comes with youth. Her Calvin Klein jacket was a thrift store find, her matching leather shorts were from H&M, and the rest of her accessories came from Urban Outfitters. I picked her from the crowd because of her effortless mix of don’t-mess-with-me punk, and a kind smile that said, “It’s just a little leather.”

Photo: Natasha Kalergis

I ran into CAROLE on Market Street outside her boutique, Vintage Vixen, the day after a snowstorm. This woman is chic, sporting a faux fur Sportowne coat circa 1970 and a fitted leather skirt by “Versus” Gianni Versace. When asked about her style influences, Carole told me her daughter Marlowe, a model for WM in Paris, is her fashion inspiration. I have a feeling if we were to ask Marlowe the same question, her mother would be on the top of the list as well.

Photo: Natasha Kalergis

HEATHER was making a run to Staples with her boyfriend when I stopped her to catch a shot of this look. When asked about her style inspiration, she replied that women such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, and the Olsen twins (on a good day) inspire her because of their aptitude for mixing high-end with mainstream. Her shaggy cut faux shrug-on by DIMRI gives this winter fur the rock ‘n’ roll feel that Charlottesville needs more of this season.