Allie Redshaw leaves Timbercreek Market to open own restaurant

Photo: Amy Jackson Photo: Amy Jackson

Allie Redshaw will leave her post as executive chef at Timbercreek Market later this month, and for a very good reason: opening a restaurant of her own. Redshaw, known for her new-school American cooking and modern, locally-sourced gourmet cuisine, told C-VILLE Weekly that she leaves Timbercreek “on good terms,” and that she “didn’t want to take away from the market” while she planned her own venture.

“I figured if I was going to be working as hard as I was, I might as well have some skin in the game and do it for myself,” she says, adding that she and her business partner plan on launching their concept and location soon. Redshaw opened the cafe at Sara and Zach Miller’s Timbercreek Market last June and before that served as sous chef at Pippin Hill.