I thought I would share a couple examples of pro-McCain wackiness that caught my eye recently.

The first item is from an endorsement of McCain by Washington Post columnist and spittle-spraying neocon, Charles Krauthammer. In his tirade against Obama’s foreign policy (it is the only thing the neocons seem to care about, after all), he condemns Obama’s inclination towards the "flabbiest, most vaporous multilateralism" and then slams him for referring to September 11 as "the tragedy of 9/11."

You see, apparently that phrase is not strong enough for Krauthammer, who says it is more appropriate for describing "a bus accident." This makes me wonder what he thinks Obama should have said. The Islamo-fascist clusterf*ck of 9/11? Krauthammer may think he’s boosting McCain, but he actually reminds us why maybe it’s better to have a calm person at the helm of our nuclear arsenal.

Also of note is this ad that has been running on the Richmond Times-Dispatch site and apparently on other papers‘ sites around the country as well:

The ad, placed by a private citizen who appears to be a metal shredder in Tennessee, takes you to a website that implores you to vote for McCain because:

In a world that’s rushing toward the end times prophecy, God will bless the true Christian leader, if we choose wisely. The Prince of Darkness’ blood runs through the veins of the evil doers.

Hmm… Obama might mess up the Rapture. Might have to reconsider my vote…