What’s your favorite regular music act?

 In this week’s column, I write about the kind of night where nothing’s happening at the Jefferson, the Paramount, Pavilion, Southern, the galleries, and so on. On those nights I usually surrender, don a robe, crack a book and go to bed early. Not last Wednesday, when I tasked myself with the impossible: to see all of the regular Wednesday night acts.

Of course, I quickly met with my limitations—there’s kind of an 8-11pm window (excepting some stragglers) and it takes about 45 minutes to enjoy a beverage—but I did see some some of Wednesday’s flagship performers: Jim Waive at Blue Moon, John D’earth at Miller’s and the popular Love Canon gigs at R2.

In my travels it became apparent that many locals have deeply personal relationships with these musicians who show up same time, same place, often to place the same songs each week, particularly at Waive’s shows. But I thought I’d kick a question over to readers.

What’s your favorite regular live act?