This Election Brought to You By Exxon-Mobil

This Election Brought to You By Exxon-Mobil

I was struck by something on the CBS News website this morning. Have a gander at this screen shot I took:


Their campaign blogs appear to be sponsored by ExxonMobil. How interesting, considering the importance of energy policy in this election. I’ll have you know The Final Countdown is not sponsored by ExxonMobil, which leaves me free to call them bloated bags of liposuctioned ass fat without fear of recrimination.

The CBS post shown here, incidentally, quotes Cindy McCain criticizing Obama for voting against an Iraq war funding bill without noting that McCain also voted against a war funding bill; Obama supported the one that had a timetable. Your Fourth Estate at work!

Meanwhile, after ABC, CBS, and CNN reportedly ran ads by Chevron, Exxon, and Big Coal after Tuesday’s debate, ABC is refusing to run this ad from the We Campaign about the oil industry’s undue influence on government:


Now that’s one "media filter" McCain and Palin should love!