The Final Debate: McCain Flies Off the Tiller


Tonight we got to see the cantankerous bastard side of McCain that he tried so hard to suppress during the last debate. His performance would have been perfect, if he were running for president of the United States of Apeshit. Advantage goes to Obama, who remained level-headed as ever, an amazing feat given the avalanche of bile that was dumped on him.

My notes:

McCain’s tight collar is making his jowls bunch up unflatteringly.

Joe the Plumber. Joe Six-Pack. The Dem ticket actually has a Joe on it, if you want to play the Joe game.

As a small-business owner who just spent the past 24 hours immersed in tax returns (today was filing day for procrastinators), I’m one of those 98 percent making under $250,000 Obama referred to.

McCain: very testy when he said "I am not President Bush."

So much talk about hatchets and scalpels. Personally, I would balance my budget with an X-Acto.

Bob Schieffer is comparing the Obama campaign calling McCain "erratic" to Palin saying Obama is "palling around with terrorists." This is false journalistic balance of the very worst order.

After a slowish start, Obama is starting to encompass McCain’s wrath and turn it against him.

This ACORN nonsense from the Republicans is obviously a scheme to undermine the legitimacy of an Obama presidency. The greatest voter fraud in history? Destroying the fabric of democracy? It’s not like any of the made-up names are going to show up at the polls. McCain is truly dishonorable.

After unloading all those invectives, McCain says: "My campaign is about… a brighter future for America."

Please let this be over soon.

McCain has fought against cronyism and the old-boy network? See

Oooh, nice scalpel-vs.-hatchet move on Obama’s part re: funding autism research.

Obama has perfected the art of looking vaguely bemused while all this garbage comes out of McCain’s mouth.

Now even Obama has gone from bemused to laughing openly.

McCain on abortion: Concern for health of the mother is an "extreme pro-abortion position." What an a-hole. The Dems should hammer him on that statement for the next three weeks.

Maybe one reason the US trails other countries in education is the anti-intellectual rhetoric that comes out of people like Sarah Palin. How can we inspire kids to learn when educated Americans are routinely tarred as "elitists"?


I suspect the only people who could admire McCain’s wanton nastiness tonight are his supporters. I’m not sure whether his behavior was an act of desperation or a play for the Republican base. Either way, it seemed unpresidental.