Testing the market [February 18]

Testing the market [February 18]

Well, look what popped up in Sunday’s Daily Progress, page B7, just across from George Will himself. It’s an ad for Coran Capshaw’s nationally registered, Greek revivaled, 100-acre Seven Oaks Farm. Whether the fact that the Charlottesville mogul’s home is up for sale (without a listing price in the ad) means Capshaw plans to leave the area is unclear. Maybe he just needs a bigger pool house. After all, you can only do so much with 2,870 square feet. Capshaw picked a time when the real estate market is slumping to sell Seven Oaks—which includes a 16,870 square foot main house—so we’ll see if all that talk about a high-end cushion turns out to be true.

Coran Capshaw’s Seven Oaks Farm is listed as for sale in the Daily Progress.

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