Pre-Veep Debate Musings


I’ll be watching the Vice Presidential debate in the company of cartoonists and cartoon fans in Bethesda, MD, where I’ll be for the annual Small Press Expo. Should be an entertaining, if gut-wrenching evening.

I suspect that we’re going to hear more rhetoric from Palin Thursday night about the "elite" media being hostile to her hi-diddly-ho neighbor candidacy. As if raised eyebrows on both the left and right have had nothing at all to do with her inability to name a newspaper she reads, a Supreme Court decision she has opposed other than Roe v. Wade, or that line about Putin "rearing his head" in Alaska (Russian military incursions into Alaskan airspace apparently have not happened in several years).

Well, color me a nattering nabob of negativism! Frankly, I’m getting plenty sick of this intolerant woman putting anyone who opposes her into the "urban snob" box. Enough with the silly binaries. As I’ve said before, I grew up in a rural, red part of a blue state (PA, which was actually a red state when I was a kid), then I came to Charlottesville, which is a blue part of a red state that’s turning blue, or at least purple. I think the fat wild turkeys that waddle around my backyard currently give me some country cred. Did you hear that, Sarah? I’ve got TURKEYS! That means I’m a real American, dammit.

I mentioned to a colleague recently that the GOP might try to stuff Palin full of intelligent-sounding verbiage, which would remind me of this bit of oratory from Paris Hilton (included here for reference more than humor value, which is not that great). Upon further reflection, I’m not sure Palin will be so smooth.