Pedestrian killed on W. Rio

A 62-year-old Latina woman died after she was struck by a vehicle at the intersection of W. Rio and Earlysville roads, police said June 26.

Police Sergeant Pamela Greenwood, 35, was on duty, heading north in her police-issue 2007 Ford Explorer, when she struck the woman, identified by The Daily Progress as Esperanza de Jesus Tolentino and by police as Jesus Tolentino Dominguez.

Greenwood is a 10-year veteran of the county police force. “I’ve known her since she’s been in the police academy,” says Albemarle police Lieutenant John Teixeira. “She’s a first-rate police officer, and she’s a good person. I feel really sad for both her and the victim in this case.”

Virginia State Police are investigating the incident, and Greenwood is taking some time off.

Tolentino spent six years in the U.S. as an undocumented worker, and reportedly planned to return to her native El Salvador to reunite with family and buy a house.

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